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Our book is finally out - in print from University of Minnesota Press, Open Access from Meson Press:

Clemens Apprich, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Florian Cramer, Hito Steyerl, Pattern Discrimination

Rewatching this video piece by Schoolman and Serra with and thinking how much prescient it was: just replace TV with social media

Il 24 novembre esce "Entreprecariat", il mio libro su imprenditorialità precaria e precariato imprenditoriale, con prefazione di Geert Lovink e postfazione di Raffaele Alberto Ventura. Preorder:

Got tempo patterns working in the new tidal.. will stream a live demo tonight, 7 hours from now

does anyone know (or have a list) of editorial projects similar to Constant? ( see also post by @entreprecariat )
In other words, editorial projects that are opensource and focus on opensource culture, art, media etc.

#RadicalNetworks conference is happening from 19.-21. October in Berlin:

On Saturday I'm doing a workshop on Hands-on Network Debugging on the command line :)

Stewart Home's and my joint presentation on fascist undercurrents in counter-cultural and avant-garde movements is online:

-right -culture

For those of you interested I'll present some experiences and findings about the project during Radical Networks:

Held between october 19 and 21 in Berlin. Really interesting yearly conference on alternatives network topologies such as and , protocols new and old, meaningful understandings of politics, weird prototypes etc etc organised by @chootka for example will present a based around the protocol!

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I wrote a wrote a very short pdf-book in which I offer
a very succint definition of interactive art. For it, I begin and end with Roland Barthes' famous (or infamous to some) text "The Death of the Author"
You can download and read it here:

some of you interested in secure emails and service providers may be interested in the work of this small german team :

I have created a Bodhi Linux version (called Bodhi Linux Media) that contains a list of most professional audio and video software for digital artists. Of course the list is personal, although the choice has been made through some research of comparing close vs open source software (I used only the latter).

The aim of this effort is to have an entry point and a ready-to-go opensource OS for professional artists/ digital art students / enthusiasts.

hope you enjoy it

A very good talk by Bret Victor on technology, coding procedures, history, industry and future:

@lidia_p hard to point to a paper in particular but what we seem to be touching upon relates to that broader debate between social vs technological determinism...or at least that is the way I read Seeman's quote (as social determinism while, possibly, I hold a more technological deterministic view).

@lidia_p OK, but if the problem is centralisation (whether open source or not) I do not see how an alternative system to capitalism, say communism(?), would be any less centralised...

"We use “minimal computing” to refer to computing done under some set of significant constraints of hardware, software, education, network capacity, power, or other factors." /via @manetta at #LGM18

The entire Radical Philosophy Journal (1972-2018) has been made available to all for . Happy Readings!

@entreprecariat thanks for sharing the talk. I watched and I cannot hide that I am a bit unclear on what your overall point was in relation to graphic designers and entrepreneurialism. I am referring here to your conclusive statements. I hope you do not mind me asking.

Reading an interesting passage in Kane's book "Sound Unseen" in which he shows how ' veil, often used in texts recounting the history or origins of music, is nothing but a .
That is, acousmatic music and Pythagora may have (at a stretch) something in common but it is not a

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