celebration time, my book, obnoxious joy 

OMG the book is real! Time for a serious post, I guess…

First, some practical info: I'll talk about the book on the 23rd in Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week (hopefully with a little surprise). Hope to see you there: facebook.com/events/4812023959

If you live in Rotterdam, you'll soon find the book at Varia and Printroom or you can directly ask me. Otherwise you can get it online here: onomatopee.net/product/entrepr

I'd like to thank Freek and Josh from Onomatopee, who enthusiastically believed in this project. Geert Lovink and Raffaele Alberto Ventura for enriching the book with their sharp contributions. Federico Antonini and Alessio D'Ellena for the beautiful "managerial pulp" design. Francesco D'Abbraccio and Andrea Facchetti of Krisis, who made this happen in the very first place (l'edizione italiana è ancora disponibile BTW). There are many more people I'm grateful to, check page 6 to find out ;)


celebration time, my book, obnoxious joy 

Congrats @entreprecariat ! Will get copy for me and Uni library too (entrepreneurship became a big word over here in high management recently - strange I know, since it is not new- ... if landing on this project I think it could spice the conversation up nicely)

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celebration time, my book, obnoxious joy 

@torrejuseppe grazie mille Giuseppe. Among other reasons, I've got into this subject because I worked for 2 years in a design school where there was a relentless entrepreneurial propaganda…

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