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post at University of Limerick (Ireland):

Lecturer/Lecturer below the bar in 3D Modelling, Animation and Digital Fabrication

The post holder will have expertise in some or all of the following: digital modeling, animation and rendering software, computational design tools such as Maya, Unreal, Cinema 4D, Houdini or their open source counterparts Blender, Natron, Godot etc.

The successful candidate will have:
• Doctoral degree pertaining to the domain of 3D animation or digital fabrication or related disciplines. Alternatively, a doctoral degree in a related area and demonstrated 5 or more years of experience in games engines, VR, AR, digital fabrication or related disciplines.
• An active research and publication record in at least 2 of the following areas:
• Interaction design
• Games development
• Virtual and augmented reality
• Experimental media and digital art
• Design and fabrication of full-scale development prototypes
• Applications of machine learning and AI
• Video editing and projection mapping
• Demonstrated expertise in 3D modelling/animation and digital fabrication

More details here (type “3D modeling” on the “Any Extra Keywords?” field:

@320x200 good idea, thanks. It gives me 502 error gateway though:....any idea?

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