does anyone know (or have a list) of editorial projects similar to Constant? ( see also post by @entreprecariat )
In other words, editorial projects that are opensource and focus on opensource culture, art, media etc.

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@torrejuseppe @entreprecariat
Casco in Utrecht (NL)? Slightly more broad on the topic of the commons.
I also really like the book FLOSS+art from 2008, published by goto10... but they are no longer active I believe...

@nescivi @torrejuseppe @entreprecariat Ha! No, we're not active any more. Well... not as GOTO10 to be precise :)

But some of us are talking now to make a new edition of the make art festival

I also finished my PhD not so long ago, that was also in some way a direct response and follow-up of many things that happened in the context of free culture

Finally, maybe useful, every trimester at XPUB we publish things under different licensing strategies and free/open/libre/DIY workflows and tools

(oh and @entreprecariat is a guest for the current special issue at the moment)

@320x200 @torrejuseppe @entreprecariat
Great to hear that MakeArt may happen again!
I'll look into the other things...

On a different, but somewhat related note: I'm looking for a good way to publish the book I am working on now: ...
any pointers are welcome!

@nescivi @torrejuseppe @entreprecariat Not sure about the publishing part itself (as in finding a publisher) but if you want to work with designers on the publication and who are exclusively working with FLOSS you can check and

@320x200 Thanks for the links! I am indeed interested to find someone to work on the graphic design as well

@nescivi Oh and of course, you can always ask on the 80c list, there are *lots* of free software supporting graphics designers there who could help you further.

@nescivi definitely a good project. I worked around the NIME realm too and a good book discussing mapping techniques would be very welcome. It could be a very interesting book also for students engaging in such subject. If I think of a publisher I will let you know. Best of luck with it.

@320x200 Congratulations on your PhD btw. The title is inviting, will definetely give it a read

@torrejuseppe Thanks, and of course am always happy to talk about it if you have any questions :)

@320x200 will do. Also @nescivi (thanks!)reminded of something I wanted to buy a long time ago, namely Floss+Art. Ordering it now through amazon while I am at it..

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