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post at University of Limerick (Ireland):

Lecturer/Lecturer below the bar in 3D Modelling, Animation and Digital Fabrication

The post holder will have expertise in some or all of the following: digital modeling, animation and rendering software, computational design tools such as Maya, Unreal, Cinema 4D, Houdini or their open source counterparts Blender, Natron, Godot etc.

The successful candidate will have:
• Doctoral degree pertaining to the domain of 3D animation or digital fabrication or related disciplines. Alternatively, a doctoral degree in a related area and demonstrated 5 or more years of experience in games engines, VR, AR, digital fabrication or related disciplines.
• An active research and publication record in at least 2 of the following areas:
• Interaction design
• Games development
• Virtual and augmented reality
• Experimental media and digital art
• Design and fabrication of full-scale development prototypes
• Applications of machine learning and AI
• Video editing and projection mapping
• Demonstrated expertise in 3D modelling/animation and digital fabrication

More details here (type “3D modeling” on the “Any Extra Keywords?” field:

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Call for participants Open Design Course
KASK / School of Arts Ghent offers a course in Open Design for refugees and asylum seekers currently staying in Belgium. The course program focuses on Open Design as a technological and as a cultural, artistic and critical practice. The course method is based on co-creation and peer learning (learning from each other, changing the teacher - student relationship), and puts an emphasis on new media literacy.

This 8-week course is open for refugees, asylum seekers but also “sans papiers” and people who do not have easy access to higher education.

- Register, before 26/08
- Course, from 02/09 till 25/11, 3 to 4 days a week
For more information:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Tired of reading the word ""? Then this firefox add-on is for you.

1. Install

2. Browse any page that talks about AI

3. Enjoy the read

😂 😂

or if you are more than tired (i.e fed up) this addon may suit you better instead (but disable the previous one first)

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The final ROM of What Remains is out! 🎉🎊

What Remains is an 8-bit interactive fiction and adventure video game for the about environmental issues, the manipulation of public opinion, and whistleblowing.

The next edition of ICLC (International Conference on Live Coding) takes place in Limerick, Ireland from 5-7 Feb 2020 at the University of Limerick. The calls for papers, performances, exhibition and workshops is now open. We are looking forward to all your submissions!

Deadline 14 Sept 2019

browsing around I came across ScienceFair which uses the eLife Lens Reader for publishing articles. Does anyone know of something similar for Humanities?

Some may be interested in this reading: Looking for an in -art-practices

"...Can we be creative without an in-depth understanding of the tools we use? It is unlikely, I argue."

"....I propose that a way forward to the re-appropriation of the self in relation to technology and our own creative practice is offered by interpreting digital art practices as a Foucaultian problematisation of the self through an ethos inspired by the Greek precept of the care of the self."

Comments/feedback are mostly welcome

Bodhi Linux Media 5.0.0 released today.

Bodhi Linux Media is a free and open source distro that comes with a curated list of open source software for digital artists working with audio, video, games, graphics, animation, physical computing etc.

Download, instructions etc.:

#CryptPad is an open source privacy-friendly alternative to Google Docs:

You can also follow them on here:


CryptPad lets you edit documents online and work on them collaboratively.

It uses a "zero knowledge" principle where no one else (not even the service provider) can see your documents unless you give them an access key.

Accounts are free up to a certain storage limit, with paid accounts for additional storage.

#AlternativesAtoZ #DeleteGoogle

Our book is finally out - in print from University of Minnesota Press, Open Access from Meson Press:

Clemens Apprich, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Florian Cramer, Hito Steyerl, Pattern Discrimination

Rewatching this video piece by Schoolman and Serra with and thinking how much prescient it was: just replace TV with social media

Il 24 novembre esce "Entreprecariat", il mio libro su imprenditorialità precaria e precariato imprenditoriale, con prefazione di Geert Lovink e postfazione di Raffaele Alberto Ventura. Preorder:

Got tempo patterns working in the new tidal.. will stream a live demo tonight, 7 hours from now

does anyone know (or have a list) of editorial projects similar to Constant? ( see also post by @entreprecariat )
In other words, editorial projects that are opensource and focus on opensource culture, art, media etc.

#RadicalNetworks conference is happening from 19.-21. October in Berlin:

On Saturday I'm doing a workshop on Hands-on Network Debugging on the command line :)

Stewart Home's and my joint presentation on fascist undercurrents in counter-cultural and avant-garde movements is online:

-right -culture

For those of you interested I'll present some experiences and findings about the project during Radical Networks:

Held between october 19 and 21 in Berlin. Really interesting yearly conference on alternatives network topologies such as and , protocols new and old, meaningful understandings of politics, weird prototypes etc etc organised by @chootka

@raphaelbastide for example will present a based around the protocol!

I wrote a wrote a very short pdf-book in which I offer
a very succint definition of interactive art. For it, I begin and end with Roland Barthes' famous (or infamous to some) text "The Death of the Author"
You can download and read it here:

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