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Apropos infrastructures, some wild bees are squatting all empty spaces they can find in our outside furniture and I love it 🐝 💖 Become ungovernable, little bee, become ungovernable…

There is an archetype of sci-fi artefacts that I find highly fascinating. Objects and infrastructures which seem to survive millennia without maintenance and other interferences by their originators. Often, they are archives of some sort. It is the ultimate techno-cultural sustainability, but to what end?

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Call for participants for a workshop: How to run a small social networking site with your friends

On the 13th and 14th of May, will be hosting a two-day workshop for groups interested in setting up and running their own alternative social media server.

Free of charge, but some commitment required! Remote participation is possible and workshop language is English! Limited spots, apply before the 15th of April.

For more details and how to apply see:

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In honor of today here is one of my favourite anti-imperialist songs, „In ale Gasn“ or „Hey, hey, daloy politsey!“ 🖤

What is your opinion on having an actual portrait as avatar? I just recently started it and don’t feel too comfy with it. Besides that, does it also disturb you, as the viewer?

I am in a privileged position of not fearing any repercussions from show my clear-pic. So I’m wondering how this influences the local community as a whole.

I found a new thing to ferment, I absolutely had to try. Chao, or Vietnamese fermented tofu. It's stunningly easy to accomplish, and it feels like vegan french cheese. It's super funky, and I'm looking forward to how it will taste in a month.

The recipe I followed can be found under

„Ceiling time“ is a term my partner uses to describe me starring at the ceiling, being completely lost in thoughts and daydreams 💖 it’s a lovely practice we all should indulge in more often

Dandelion-kombucha-soda ready for second fermentation. I made two variants, one with lemon and one with ginger juice. Using kombucha instead of a ginger bug as starter makes the whole process slower, but I believe that the flavour profile will be richer. I tasted a glass yesterday and it was like a heavy, earthy yellow with floral hints 🟡

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we just released version 1.0.3 of our introduction to programming book!

in this update we finally included a description and examples of the screen auto byte: an advanced feature of the screen device that makes it easier to draw multiple sprites with fewer instructions. we use it for the pong example on day 6!

we also updated the description of the file devices, and implemented some minor corrections.

hope you enjoy it!

Finally had some time to continue with the compudanzas tutorial, this time going into the animation loop. This starts to be really really fun.

Next to getting into assembler, I'm also re-learning doing comments, an essential practice I shunned for far to long. I also moved back to vim, which is just a delight after the vscode overload.

I had a lot of fun lately with tinkering on a static site generator…

Yet another static site generator 😒 I made one with pandoc and a git-hook 💖 It can render BibTeX citations 🥳

Added a basic image resizing routine via mogrify. Feels kind of inelegant for the moment, bit will do.

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It’s spring and that means foraging. After the obligatory wild garlic now it’s time for dandelion stuff. I’m about to ferment myself some soda.

Collect four handful of dandelion heads, cut off the petals, add 80g sugar and pour over 1.5l of boiling water. When cooled down add a starter of your liking. A ginger bug works great. I’m going to use leftover kombucha which developed some good yeast on the ground.

I wrote a note about the deployment and publishing process of a small wiki-archive we have going on. We use markdown and git to collaborate and then pandoc to render a html version of the wiki-archive. I just finished a small git hook script to automate the rendering and deployment.

I'm mostly ok with it for now. We share citations and readings in a Zotero group, which is exported as bibtex file into the repository. Pandoc enables the proper rendering of the citations. Now I need to improve the git hook with a image optimization routine.

I just saw my first bunch of swifts of this season 🥰 Whereas the blackbird’s singing is an indicator of the arrival of spring in my area, the swift’s appearance signals the first warmer days ahead. I hold both birds dear to my heart and they are important aspects of a place I call home.


Yesterday evening I carefully went to day 1 - 3 of the compudanzas tutorials again and I'm such a hasty reader at times. There is way more in the tutorial than I grasped at first. So a lot of knots have opened now. I have the feeling that I don't only know why I have to do things certain whys, but also how they fundamentally work.

I know kind of see the process in front of me. For example how a byte translates into 8 bits and those again tell the environment (the vm, the chip) how to set the flow of energy in order to compute this or that way.

But… then I dreamed of having to physically move around byte blocks that manifested in the shape of headsized crates. Talking about human-scale computation 😅

There is a lot of magic in the address and label runes in . I didn't fully comprehend how this works, but I understand the logics of it 😅

@compudanzas I feel stupid to have to ask: How do I go about checking the "final state of the stack"?

I continued with day 3 of the compudanzas tutorial. As a reminder: Simply continuing if you didn't get everything at first is often a good way to handle hurdles. Many times, things fall in place with more context.

Made that experience with the technical explanation of the JMP/JCN addresses as well as their runes. But with the example later one came clarity, and the knowledge that it will work for now even w/o me understanding everything.

It felt a bit like magic… Maybe Clarke was right after all.

Read this article today on how the metaphors of piercing and penetration in hacking as well as marketing keep a toxic trait of domination alive. There was a rather surprising but welcomed twist towards the end, in which the authors posit communication infrastructures like the fediverse as a way out of this misery of being "a consumer, […] a target, […] a means to an end".

After hanging out there for a few days, I can absolutely agree with their position.

"Against the penetration metaphor of communication, other communication scholars have offered alternative framings that emphasize its communal elements rather than its capacity to penetrate."

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