@computersandblues it was briefly mentioned in Swiss media (at least the German speaking part i.e. here watson.ch/!114362805). But there is no discussion going on in the moment. Might become a topic when it’s beyond proposal and when we have to think about how it would interact with Swiss law. We generally go nuts when it’s about privacy…

Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett 

@starcide Thank you very much for the tipps. They are on my never-ending list of things to read

Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett 

@starcide I've yet have to read it again. For some parts I wasn't politically matured enough. I was especially taken by how Rorty describes the Ironist.

"(1) She has radical and continuing doubts about the final vocabulary she currently uses because she has been impressed by other vocabularies, vocabularies taken as final by people or books she has encountered; (2) she realizes that arguments phrased in her present vocabulary can neither underwrite nor dissolve these doubts; (3) insofar as she philosophizes about her situation, she does not think that her vocabulary is closer to reality than others, that it is in touch with a power, not herself."

— Richard Rorty, Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989, p.73

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Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett 

@starcide it’s the practical stuff that’s missing right. But then again practice is done by doing practice… I read most Morton, which I liked. Didn’t went into Bryant, Harman put me of OOO 😅

Animism in the end, I decided for myself, is mostly an aesthetic-cultural expression of vibrant matter, but one I have no access to and could only unjustly appropriate it.

These days I’m very much into pluriversal approaches, coming from Richard Rorty’s Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity.

For example Arthuro Escobar’s Design for the Pluriverse or methods like journal.culanth.org/index.php/. I love how much richer the world becomes the lesser I am predominant in it.

There is a glas with some “color” on it and it powers my electronic devices? This honestly feels a bit like black magic! And yes, this little beast is solar powered now ☀️

Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett 

💖 @starcide do you have any recommendations in the same league?

I haven't found much solitude in OOO, except maybe for Ian Bogost's Alien Phenomenology. Too conceptual otherwise.

Mushroom at the End of the World is a classic to repartition one's own sensibilities, to go with Jane Bennett. I also got a pile of things on animism and I'm usually more interested in those things, that try to translate it into a practice accessible from my point of view.

- haujournal.org/index.php/hau/a
- jstor.org/stable/10.1086/20006

Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett 

Hell no, she didn't… well, there goes another 9 years of reading Jane Bennett 😅


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Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett 

One of the most fascinating paths for me is the attribution of personhood through jurisdictional processes, such as the river Whanganui in Aotearoa, and many more examples by now. I figured the law is a language westerners like me understand, epistemologically speaking. A lot of ontological negotiations are happening via this path. What is subject, object, or agency are questions that are relegated to the language of the law.

I found Jane Bennett's approach to political philosophy similar but different. It is richer in depth, poetics and individuality, also because of her style. It speaks directly to my practice and daily experience. It ends with epistemological violence that I enjoy quite a lot. It is shaking the fundamentals on which my everyday experience is based and it is refreshing, even exhilarating at times. And I have the feeling that it gives me a vocabulary to speak what I'm feeling.

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Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett 

I just finished Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennet... after 9 years of being on and off this book. And it was worth it. I'm into the thing/multispecies/nonhuman discourse for a good while and I always struggled with exactly one major problem that this book addresses so well. How to flatten the ontology, when one comes from a place of hierarchy. Or more specifically: I grew up in central Europe with all its background of racism, colonialism, sexism, homo- and transphobia and you name it, all designed to create hierarchies of power. And now I should be able to step outside these not just for people and animals, but also cumulus clouds, lithium, cockroaches, doorknobs, and blades of grass? Many indigenous communities have their specific ways of incorporating such a view, deeply rooted in their respective stories.

I don't have these and I'm jealous of them.

critical theory and 'hope' 

I feel you @entreprecariat. I have yet to find the people with whom I can share my affinities book-wise. Just finished Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett and it ends with an epistemological violence that I enjoy quite a lot. It is shaking the fundamentals on which my every day experience is based and it is really refreshing, even exhilarating at times.

Is it hopelessness or is it honesty?

@winduptoy I love that it is called lichen 💖 is there a deeper meaning behind the choice? Will have a look at the software later on, super inspiring

👋 @da5nsy We haven't thought about the release date yet as it depends on how much material comes in (if any at all 😅). But we are aiming towards the end of August 2022. You can send material and inquiries to adrian@thgie.ch

Running Practice 

@kikir 😍 I haven't been able to get into swimming besides jumping into rivers and lakes (and occasionally the sea).

What is it specifically that gives you this peace?

@dvn thanks for helping me to make it more clear. I added it to the call 💖

Hello @dvn and that is a fantastic question. And I'm sorry for not being able to be clear enough.

Let's say more traditional techs would be the hamock or ancient irrigation system strategies. More contemporary tech could include things like automated pet food dispenser or the SwitchBot Bot (which I don't endorse, quite the contrary. although it has it's use case for people with visual or mobility impairments).

Basically every kind of technology that makes you work less, not more, spend less energy, not more (which is a critical aspect that needs reflection, because often we just externalize work and energy through the capitalist system).

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