@murilove Me too. That's why I choose them to start with. It wasn't easy, since there are so many beautiful ones. For example the King Panda isopods

I wrote about my research and writing toolchain, in case that's a thing you might be interested.

It's mostly about which tools I use for what with which settings.


And here are the springtails, which I now love very much as well…

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I got myself some isopods since I am allergic to almost any other normal pet… they are so unbelievably cute! I didn’t expect that.

I also got some springtails. They help keep the container free of molds. Didn’t expect to get so many. Now I have a springtail colony as well…

How are you with video games? I'm a big big fan. They're almost my favourite escapist medium… I haven't played in a while and decided to make games a habit again. So I went through my collection on Steam, GOG and of course itch, categorized them, looked up playtime length and put some though into which I want to play next.

I just finished "Wide Ocean Big Jacket" and it's a beautiful short piece of coming of age and adult-problems storytelling. It's funny, heartwarming and so, so innocent. There were also some "Alba" moments, another one of my favourites.

If you got some change to spare, grab a copy. It's worth the money.


music recommendation 

I'm absolutely in love with this
Marijuana Deathsquads recording from Berlin marijuanadeathsquads.bandcamp.. It's like throwing together Atari Teenage Riot's "Speed" and Chemical Brother's "Hey Boy Hey Girl".

And if you like that, check out their song "Last Sunny Day" which is a blast.

I gathered some loose thoughts on and in relation to myself. More rambling than elaboration…

@shusha have a look at Misskey (, which is based on ActivityPub and can weave into the fediverse, but is built on top of node.js and all overall faster and less resource-hungry. I couldn’t do in depth tests tho… other then that there is sooo much to choose from 😅

runner's thoughts 

Today I ran and as so often I had a discussion with myself meanwhile. It was about why I run. Here is the gist of it.

I don't run for the stats or numbers. Not to improve myself, become a better me or optimized. Neither to compare or be in competition. For sure not to have fun.

I run because I decided to.

And I deem this reading on agency important enough to share it. So often we do things because somebody or something sold us a story why we should do this or believe that. In a corporate world so much of our intent and agency is geared towards other ends and means then ourselves and our communities.

I run because I decided to.

On my tracks around the neighbourhood somebody planted a tomato-plant in an old tree-trunk. I love that.

@h Not directly. There would still need to be some manual editing to be done to remove that header. Let me give it a try :)

@h is a pretty nice project I had a lot of success with taking snapshots of whole websites. is a nice tool to capture the interactive part of a website properly

snarky and unhelpful, github 

@mycorrhiza thank you for the reminder!

@despens I’m a gigantic Mattern fanboy… did you listen to this fantastic interview

These three things go well together. Either by closeness of subjects treated or by color scheme, you choose.


I found the pair of Adidas Falcons in a secondhand shop yesterday and fell in love instantly. The two books are just really wonderful in expanding the headspace towards multi-species living. Soil is fascinating

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