And here are the springtails, which I now love very much as well…

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I got myself some isopods since I am allergic to almost any other normal pet… they are so unbelievably cute! I didn’t expect that.

I also got some springtails. They help keep the container free of molds. Didn’t expect to get so many. Now I have a springtail colony as well…

runner's thoughts 

Today I ran and as so often I had a discussion with myself meanwhile. It was about why I run. Here is the gist of it.

I don't run for the stats or numbers. Not to improve myself, become a better me or optimized. Neither to compare or be in competition. For sure not to have fun.

I run because I decided to.

And I deem this reading on agency important enough to share it. So often we do things because somebody or something sold us a story why we should do this or believe that. In a corporate world so much of our intent and agency is geared towards other ends and means then ourselves and our communities.

I run because I decided to.

On my tracks around the neighbourhood somebody planted a tomato-plant in an old tree-trunk. I love that.

These three things go well together. Either by closeness of subjects treated or by color scheme, you choose.


I found the pair of Adidas Falcons in a secondhand shop yesterday and fell in love instantly. The two books are just really wonderful in expanding the headspace towards multi-species living. Soil is fascinating

It’s fermentation o’clock. We had way to many lemons, and you know how it goes. If life gives you lemons, pickle them, tastes awesome. Also we run out of fermented hot sauce. I tried a new, sweeter, carrot-based recipe. Looking forward to see how that one is in a few weeks. Also some sauerkraut, because why not.

There is a glas with some “color” on it and it powers my electronic devices? This honestly feels a bit like black magic! And yes, this little beast is solar powered now ☀️

Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett 

I just finished Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennet... after 9 years of being on and off this book. And it was worth it. I'm into the thing/multispecies/nonhuman discourse for a good while and I always struggled with exactly one major problem that this book addresses so well. How to flatten the ontology, when one comes from a place of hierarchy. Or more specifically: I grew up in central Europe with all its background of racism, colonialism, sexism, homo- and transphobia and you name it, all designed to create hierarchies of power. And now I should be able to step outside these not just for people and animals, but also cumulus clouds, lithium, cockroaches, doorknobs, and blades of grass? Many indigenous communities have their specific ways of incorporating such a view, deeply rooted in their respective stories.

I don't have these and I'm jealous of them.

Apropos infrastructures, some wild bees are squatting all empty spaces they can find in our outside furniture and I love it 🐝 💖 Become ungovernable, little bee, become ungovernable…

There is an archetype of sci-fi artefacts that I find highly fascinating. Objects and infrastructures which seem to survive millennia without maintenance and other interferences by their originators. Often, they are archives of some sort. It is the ultimate techno-cultural sustainability, but to what end?

I found a new thing to ferment, I absolutely had to try. Chao, or Vietnamese fermented tofu. It's stunningly easy to accomplish, and it feels like vegan french cheese. It's super funky, and I'm looking forward to how it will taste in a month.

The recipe I followed can be found under

Dandelion-kombucha-soda ready for second fermentation. I made two variants, one with lemon and one with ginger juice. Using kombucha instead of a ginger bug as starter makes the whole process slower, but I believe that the flavour profile will be richer. I tasted a glass yesterday and it was like a heavy, earthy yellow with floral hints 🟡

Finally had some time to continue with the compudanzas tutorial, this time going into the animation loop. This starts to be really really fun.

Next to getting into assembler, I'm also re-learning doing comments, an essential practice I shunned for far to long. I also moved back to vim, which is just a delight after the vscode overload.

It’s spring and that means foraging. After the obligatory wild garlic now it’s time for dandelion stuff. I’m about to ferment myself some soda.

Collect four handful of dandelion heads, cut off the petals, add 80g sugar and pour over 1.5l of boiling water. When cooled down add a starter of your liking. A ginger bug works great. I’m going to use leftover kombucha which developed some good yeast on the ground.

Read this article today on how the metaphors of piercing and penetration in hacking as well as marketing keep a toxic trait of domination alive. There was a rather surprising but welcomed twist towards the end, in which the authors posit communication infrastructures like the fediverse as a way out of this misery of being "a consumer, […] a target, […] a means to an end".

After hanging out there for a few days, I can absolutely agree with their position.

"Against the penetration metaphor of communication, other communication scholars have offered alternative framings that emphasize its communal elements rather than its capacity to penetrate."

More of the same, but in circles. Nothing fancy, but I learned a thing or two.

After having difficulties concentrating yesterday @neauoire mentioned to take it down a notch and play (practice) more. So that's what I did today 😌

I did the same exercise as on day 2 of the compudanzas tutorial, but concentrated on how to organize the program better in terms of repeating instructions. That is always a very satisfying thing to do.

I love learning for the sake of learning, and I'm very productive when the direction is more or less clear. That said, I often struggle in creative coding. I don't allow myself to play enough and just go along with whatever is happening between me and the machine. I should practice that a bit more.

Day 2 of the compudanzas tutorial was a bit rougher.

I had a particular tough time today concentrating, with the rain outside pouring and inviting me to just do nothing and be cozy.

The real difficulty I had is wrapping my head around the specific logics of an assembler language. I'm used to being very very very high up in terms of abstraction-layers and up there you don't have to abstract much in your mind…

In my case postfix notation, and all the other things like words and macros and what not were quite accessible. I struggle most with the way *values* have drastically different effects and meanings depending in which order you put them where 😅 But I got my squares onto the screen and tomorrow is day 3!

Today I started with learning uxntal and I have to admit, it made me incredible happy. I got a smirk all over my face and a happy feeling in my tummy when I solved the first two exercises.

I'm going along with the tutorial by compudanzas and I'm really looking forward to the next day.

Since I often don’t feel like I have anything substantial to add to this world, I’ll to try to share something nice instead.

Here is a photo of the first two hives I had the honor to steward. It was a particularly hot day and some of the bees went sitting on their porch in order to reduce the temperature within.

Did you know that bees produce the wax they need to build the hive structure with their wax-sweat-glands? Talking about self sufficiency … ☺️ 🐝

Games anybody? I'm really enjoying NORCO, which came out two weeks ago. If you are a sucker for narrative exploration and extreme athmospheric moods (like Kentucky Route Zero or Night in the Woods) this is for you.

"NORCO is a Southern Gothic point & click narrative adventure that immerses the player in the sinking suburbs and verdant industrial swamps of a distorted South Louisiana." 💖 🖤

A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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