Day 2 of the compudanzas tutorial was a bit rougher.

I had a particular tough time today concentrating, with the rain outside pouring and inviting me to just do nothing and be cozy.

The real difficulty I had is wrapping my head around the specific logics of an assembler language. I'm used to being very very very high up in terms of abstraction-layers and up there you don't have to abstract much in your mind…

In my case postfix notation, and all the other things like words and macros and what not were quite accessible. I struggle most with the way *values* have drastically different effects and meanings depending in which order you put them where 😅 But I got my squares onto the screen and tomorrow is day 3!

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@thgie you may benefit from experimenting with one of the uxn REPLs in development -

@phoebos @thgie It's too early in development at this point, gimme a couple more days :)

@thgie well done :) Do you think some things might have been better explained?

@neauoire absolutely not, in terms of concepts. What would help, at least in my case, would be to have the chance to practise more at each step. The exercises are fun and challenging and I always learn best during attempts of solving „real“ problems. I believe certain modes of coding just need to be practiced to grasp them. Do it until it clicks.

For me, coming from the domain of web-development (incl. backend), practicing more the way of how values are at once literals, hexadecimals, ports, sprites, shifts and what not, would help ☺️ higher up these concepts are neatly packed into subdomains and classes and don’t take up much mental space

@thgie You might want to separate the days, and spend more time doing personal little explorations, like spending an extra day messing around with bitwise operations, another day just trying to make while and for loops, etc.

If it can reassure you, I also come from web, so you should be alright :)

Try using uxncli, just to explore the programming side, by making tiny programs and observing the state of the stack afterward, to see how things come together.

@neauoire @thgie you might find dc(1) useful - use the `f` command to inspect the stack.

@neauoire Thank you both for the recommendations and the kind words. As usual I'm not gentle enough with the process. I listened to you today and took it a notch down.

@phoebos Could you elaborate on dc(1) and the `f`command, I didn't understand that 😅

@thgie @phoebos dc is a little unix stack-machine calculator, but it will probably throw you off when working with uxn. You're better off using the uxn calculator, press tab to switch between decimal/hexdecimal modes:

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