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► We’ve been postponing the release of this new book REALTIME: MAKING DIGITAL CHINA since January when the pandemic started, with the somewhat naive hope that this crisis would be over in a near future. To this day, it seems that this situation will last and likely remain central to our lives for the year(s) to come. We collectively decided to hold an ONLINE RELEASE.
► Thursday March 26, 10-11pm CET (4-5pm CDT)

► We’ll take this opportunity to talk about ● Makerspaces in China ● Shanzhai Culture ● Shenzhen’s Night Markets ● Second-Hand Electronics ● Rural E-commerce Villages ● Damnu (online commenting) Practices and ● Potential Future of Technology in China. The presentation will be articulated in relation with the pandemic, live from the present situation of each contributor.

Talks by: Clément Renaud, Dino Ge Zhang, Dennis de Bel, Maria Roszkowska, Nicolas Maigret, Gabriele de Seta...

► More info about the book:
► Link to the Zoom meeting on Thursday March 26, 10-11pm CET (4-5pm CDT): or

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