Does anyone know of a Peertube instance specialized in music, or at least where posting music wouldn't be out of place?
I'd like to mirror my YouTube channel on the Fediverse but I'm not sure where to go.
Boosts appreciated!

Recap of the relevant answers I got on this post: looks like a potential candidate, but maybe my videos are too much on the "audio" and not enough on the "video" side to fit. has been suggested as a more generic instance, which looks well-moderated (an essential condition)
Someone is also pondering whether to launch an instance specifically for musicians, if that happens I think I will go there, so for now, wait and see.

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@th4 Scanlines have one (click on video at the top):
They're more a/v and v than a though I think

@yaxu Interesting, though looks too specialized for just videos, yes.

@th4 On a similar note, is there any federated (or at least F/OSS) alternative to soundcloud and such services? Anyone using funkwhale here?

@esi @th4 I use funkwhale for audio. It isn't exactly like Soundcloud, but good to host 3 gigs of audio without the Soundcloud free user limit of 3 hours. As of ntworking features, such as in Soundcloud: I think it, that funkwhale isn't made for that. But @luka had an idea there before, cant find it back atm.

@th4 is nice. Registrations closed but I can recommend you to the person running it and you would pretty surely get an account.

@th4 Excellent idea. Would love to get rid of Youtube myself.

@jayrope Youtube is too influent to get rid of it completely for me, but it would be good at least to have my video performances hosted somewhere where it's not submitted to the whims of Google

@th4 Somewhere, where our videos aren't randomly framed by ads, that's why i want to get out of there. A few more frequented YT videos can serve as attraction points, guiding the interested visitor to an ad-free platform of one's own, with a visitor count, though.
A half-well running video is usually a good argument for a promoter to book a concert.

This one video got us to from Berlin to Canada before:

@yaxu @th4 That's true, however no typical option of sharing/recommending within users, which seem essential, if you don't want to talk just to yourself and some close frinds.

@luka @jayrope @yaxu I think there would certainly be use for it!

@th4 Did you look here?

You can adjust for your preferences, before you choose an instance. Some allow 100GB of uoloads, that should be fine for a while, no? Other considerations might be, in what context you place yourself. Upon a quick look i found a whole lot of instances with loads of conspiracy theorists and other dumbies. It might be good for art & music to stay away from those crack heads.

@jayrope I didn't think about looking on joinpeertube, but I'll do if the recommendations I get are not satisfactory.
I went the recommendations route first bc I also wanted to know if there were an instance where a community of musicians is already present (which also increases the odds that it's properly moderated, which is not a luxury as you rightly noted)

@SkinnyFeels there are already a couple recommendations in the replies to this post, I'll post an update when I make my choice!

@th4 @FediVideos we can try to find out if your content would fit to my instance

Should I make an account for you? Which kind of music do you creating?

@drsebro @th4

With all due respect, I wouldn't recommend that instance, it's full of antivaxx videos, porn and conspiracy theories.

@FediVideos sorry, probably you have again to think about the idea of the peer network. Here you can find the videos from greenlife

All the rest is coming from the worldwide peertube network. @th4

@drsebro You can edit the “Followings instances” list to filter out unfavorable content @FediVideos @th4

@usr this makes no sense for me. I am not going to filter or censor the content of the peertube network.

Clear, if any instance is behaving against Swiss or EU law, I would cut the connection and inform the authorities as soon as I recognize the issue.

@FediVideos @th4

@drsebro @usr @th4

You have to filter at least some content. Spam is unacceptable, so is antivaxx. Antivaxx is getting people killed right now.


I used to used for music stuff. It appears to be closed for new members, however.

@th4 hi there, I just stumbled upon it's not an instance for music per se but there are currently very few users and 3 of them are doing music so you may want to have a look (there's little about moderation so you may want to discuss with the admin)

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