I'm a musician performing under the name th4. I mostly use TidalCycles for my "professionnal" stuff, but I also play the clarinet and the electric bass on the side.

I used to be present on the Fediverse a couple years ago, first on the defunct instance smusi.ch, then on a self-hosted instance, but I left when the latter disappeared in a tragic database accident (which, to be clear, was entirely my fault).

My day job is being a PhD student in computer science (wow, how original), but I'll likely not talk much about it here except to complain about it.

I'm very enthusiastic about Pink Floyd, all of Steven Wilson's projects, dogs and all sorts of handcrafting.

Hope to meet some nice people on here!


Here are a couple pieces I'm proud of:
· My performance for the Tidal Club New Moon marathon back in august: youtube.com/watch?v=alTqtIngNg
· An improvised piece I made with the great synth superfm: youtube.com/watch?v=tHs4Exxhni

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