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@cjd @natecull reduce memory usagr, remove a bunch of visual overhead baggage, reduce network traffic, reduce load time... live on your better user agent.

To all queer #videomakers! We make live visuals and we're looking for queer-themed video footage to play with.

Get in touch with us if you'd like your videos to be remixed and featured in our livestreamings!

Check out our profile or reply here for more details.

Please boost or -even better- forward to specific people and creators who may be interested.


Hello everybody! We're Pixelflowers, a VJing duo.

"VJ" means we make live visuals over music (usually techno, acid house, industrial, ambient DJ sets). Here we share our weekly livestreamings, videos, resources and techniques about video art, news about dance music culture and technology, thoughts and ideas about how to merge music and visuals. We've been influenced by cyberpunk and hacktivist movements, intersectional feminism, psychonautics, and the sex-positive dancefloor culture we met in Berlin, where we're based.

We're two people, Flo and Pixi, but it's usually Pixi only who writes here. We're both non-binary queerdos with they/them pronouns.

We're looking for animations, video footage or static illustrations to play with: if you're willing to share your visual creations, get in touch! Check our pinned posts for details.

(CW: drugs, sex) Watch or download ~400 hours of our visuals + electronic music DJ sets:

#vj #vjing #visuals #video #videoart #videofeedback #videosynthesis #techno #house #acidhouse #ambient #industrial #dj #djing #sex #porn #postporn #queerporn #glitch #glitchart #DIY #queer #mastoart

detail of our equipment: cables, video distortion device, cables, video mixer, cables, cables, cables

#hardware #illustration #art #vjing

Microsoft now owns, or will soon own, one of the best text-to-speech engines for blind power-users, through its acquisition of Nuance. But the code has been abandoned for years. It seems unlikely that this TTS engine is a valuable asset for Microsoft. So let's petition them to open-source it. (No, I didn't start the petition, but I'm in agreement with it.)

dammit i need to stop accepting to do lightning talks, so hard to explain in 5 minutes, only 15min and up or a demo!

I first moved to Germany for heavy metal but all I got was heavy bread

live now! AV work PHYSICAL by Matthew Biederman (visuals) and Alain Thibault (music)

in my opinion annual salary is not a good metric we should all use hourly wage

been thinking lots about how the most rewarding part of my art practice is sharing knowledge and inspiration.

so i'm making my workflow ez af to share everything.

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shoutout to window manager, my favourite way of going about my computing


"cat", short for "C++ Analysis Tool", is a command line utility designed for analyzing a C++ program and displaying which lines of code are potentially unsafe



I yearn for the dexterity of live coding/freeliner, im tired of clicking and draging lines. Some sort of keyboard interface for pathcing in PD would be lit.

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Whenever I work on adding features to my midi-controller-to-osc PD patches, I ask myself why do I keep coming back to this puzzle game?
I love and hate PD (a little bit). Its so good at building stuff on the fly and is extremely useful live. But would some sort of interpreted language alternative be a better long term solution?

loving linkstage3 big ups realthunder and the rest of the team!!!

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