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Headed to 35c3 tomorrow, come find the aziz!Light crew at the 80 GRAMS OF STEEL assembly to see our latest project!

how do I find the ultimate collaborator? willing to relocate

Mastodon is like a all-natural feed. You realise how hooked those synthetic feeds got you.

I am honored to be the next localhost guest at recursecenter! I will be doing a talk and demo of and it's rustlang based future.

looks interesting : Ofelia v2.0
a plugin to use pure-data (and lua) to program openframeworks in the visual scripting langage

#artwithopensource #livecoding #puredata #ofx

The Department of "Defense" exists to find the worst possible application for every new technology

j'ai retrouvé ça sur mon disque ... les débuts de Ré qui passent au JT vers 2004, un réseau wifi mesh en Belgique démarré en 2001, pionnier dans le domaine, et parti en vrille sur discentions internes (voir site, with grain of salt) ... (il reste quelques antennes ... mais elle ne parlent plus beaucoup... )
#oldies #mesh #openwrt #canantenna #ricore

What the hell "World" maker fair day pass is 50$ (30$ for kids). Are they purposefully trying to keep lower income folks from coming? This is seriously messed up.

Every once in a while I get a brain flutter thinking about applying to do art for a specific company that caught my eye. Could I negotiate good conditions? I have some good stuff developed, is it possible to negotiate some sort of deal without relinquishing all the rights?

Linux now represents 100 percent of the supercomputer market, 90 percent of the cloud, 82 percent of the smartphone market and 62 percent of the embedded systems market.

Going to do some live projection mapping at Festival Vue de Ruelles, tomorrow friday the 7th, between bellchasse, beaubien, des erables et delorimier. Some short docs about green alleyways happen at 8pm, I will be be mapping before and after until 10pm or so.

I dont think I even have any followers from where im from.

Ordered some 20 cents thermal pads for TO-220 from digikey and they accidentally shipped some 903-1500-ND instead. Anyone want some expensive elastomers?


Ugh I'm tired of giving out advice to people who sort of want to be friends but only call me up when they need help.

got excited butterflies in my belly because in less then a month I will be at Recurse Center! there a few nervous butterflies about being in nyc and finding good housing.

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