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VJing with CAD tools and having a finished project by the end of the night.
I actually really want to VJ source files of the LED controllers I use at the party.
Maybe a piece of VJing software which can accept .dxf .stl .sch .pcb and the ability to remix them.

trying real hard to keep trying with but with a solid project deadline I have to fallback to trusty One day freecad! one day...

I wish there was something like git pull for Bandcamp , buy a bunch of music, git pull and voila your music library is up to date.

I dream of cool websites with good content that only link to other cool websites with cool content but in a way completely opposite to click bait.

I like it when on fridays I get to close my work related firefox instance.

project buffer overflow, I guess its a good thing

media artist who likes free/libre and open source software. Making art that can go in galleries, raves, back alleys. Loves imagining and contributing to new culture. Developer of
Happy to share.

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