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"cat", short for "C++ Analysis Tool", is a command line utility designed for analyzing a C++ program and displaying which lines of code are potentially unsafe


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@setthemfree oh ive done dynamic patching :)
You use SC for data processing and routing?

I yearn for the dexterity of live coding/freeliner, im tired of clicking and draging lines. Some sort of keyboard interface for pathcing in PD would be lit.

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Whenever I work on adding features to my midi-controller-to-osc PD patches, I ask myself why do I keep coming back to this puzzle game?
I love and hate PD (a little bit). Its so good at building stuff on the fly and is extremely useful live. But would some sort of interpreted language alternative be a better long term solution?

loving linkstage3 big ups realthunder and the rest of the team!!!

Coming soon to freeliner : built in live coding!

computer art education fundraising 

just made a donation to the processing foundation, help them reach their goal!

#Kdenlive 19.12 beta is out with many bug fixes and improvements. The highlights include:
* New audio mixer
* Bin monitor redesign
* Performance and usability improvements
* Many Windows fixes

Give it a spin: https://files.kde.org/kdenlive/unstable/kdenlive-19.12.0-beta1-x86_64.appimage

still writing reply tweets and not posting them, lurk for ever

It's time for our "About Screen" Contest for Inkscape version 1.0! We're excited to see your artwork! The Contest runs from today, Oct. 7, until Nov. 17. Read more about the contest details here: https://inkscape.org/community/about-screen-contests/ :inkscape: 🖌️

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