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Cabal, the open-source & p2p group chat I've worked on with friends, is in a quadratic funding pilot experiment run by Open Collective!

What that means for us, as an example: for every 10 USD donated, we get a total of 83 USD

boosts appreciated 🖤

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This is the longest running generative thing I've ever done. More than two years of ongoing processing:

(A cronjob processes a corpus of field recordings contributed by Samarobryn, Swhic, Michael Upton, Kim Rueger, Joe McMahon, myself and Anura forever and ever.)

I just tuned in for the first time in months and had to listen for quite a while before I could make sense of what was happening.

That is very welcome. I love being surprised by the software.

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"Undying Dusk is a video in a format, with a gameplay based on exploration and logic puzzles, in the tradition of dungeon crawlers."

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Photo of a protest of Spanish riders against the law that would turn them into salaried workers. The motto: "Yes I am autonomous". I'm not sure how big the protests are but I find it telling that is the category that is weaponized.

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Sonic Electronics in collaboration with IKLECTIK will present next 20 May an event dedicated to Female Noise Composers.

As a network of sound artists, sonic practices, noise, computer music, audiovisual projects we are always looking for experimental works. If you have a new project that shows how computing has enhanced your performance, please contact us for the next event in June 2021.

Our aim is to play with challenging modes of computing that defy corporative, commercial software driven by profit.

We are calling to projects developed with open source operative systems and handmade / DIY software.

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From the Non news page:
"Linux Audio is Dead"

They've also removed all the public git repos.

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#theWorkshop Illustrations of branches, trunks, roots and everything that makes up a tree. Over a hundred pages like these will make up my book. Presented as a small manual, with no steps to follow, it will be a book filled with mysterious forms that I hope can inspire you. is re-launched as a research platform designed w/ Anca Bucur. Its purpose is to investigate vegetal natures and their entanglements with different co-laborers in constructing a sociology of the biosphere. The works included on the platform are a result of individual or collaborative work, corollaries of an ongoing process of thinking-together.

some fresh godwana noise emerging from the multi-layered alienation of the last year's events

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Super excited to announce the release of paperback : A Handbook of Studies, written w/ Geoff Cox, published by @openhumanities Press. Open access PDF + open source (txt+code) Fantastic cover and design by @osp_kitchen :

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Read & Repair - Wireless Imagination feat. @cmos4040

In this online edition of Read & Repair participants will be invited to pick and mix from different texts ranging from zines, on the ephemerality of radio, and accounts of radio .

Sunday, 31st January 2021
10:30am-12:00pm CET

More info:

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"50 Years of

A 2021 Journey from Oregon Trail to A.I. Dungeon


Every week in 2021, I'll be posting an in-depth look at one text-based computer game from each year between 1971 and 2021, starting next week with The Oregon Trail. For each game, we’ll take a meaty deep dive into what it was like to play in the context of its original release (on a chattering , over a dial-up modem in a prototype web , on a brand-new iPad) and how its ideas influenced players and the next generation of makers. When warranted, we’ll dig into old or source code to tease out how each game worked, why it was built the way it was, and what it did that was new, interesting, or successful."

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Consider submitting a sample of your #etextile craft to our 2020 ETextile Swatch Exchange!

Deadline: January 7 2021

(((this time we're also sharing glimpses of what goes on in our minds while we make.)))

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The 2020 dictionary you did not ask is here!🎄 🎁 🎉

ECO, GREEN: you could recycle the box, the product is 50% theoretically recyclable but it's not worth processing it, so it's just all e-waste really.

FAIR TRADE, THINK OF THE CHILDREN: no idea how it's produced and by who. Our manufacturers have collected all sorts of labels that we can add on our PR.

FREE/OPEN, COMMUNITY, SHARING IS CARING: unpublished fork of Android, or OpenWrt, or was it FreeBSD 4.0? Kind of forgot, it was outsourced anyway.

SMART, AI: it has a quad-core processor to do annoying and useless stuff very fast.

LOCAL FIRST, DESIGNED IN HAPPY DEMOCRACIES: we sent design files and BOM to a factory in China.

MODULAR DESIGN, FUTURE PROOF: you can eventually change the crappy battery with another crappy battery.

CONNECTED, WIFI: it's stuffed with sensor and trackers and calling home 24/7 unencrypted using old software that we won't update. We will hoard the data though and sell it or something.

ONLINE SERVICES: Shitty web browser. There's also an app store with all sort of spyware from our partners.

ENERGY EFFICIENT, RESOURCE FRIENDLY: it used a ton of energy to design, produce, ship, and market, but yeah you can save 50 cents on your energy bill and look like you saved the world.


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cd ~/Pictures && mkdir blurrybackgrounds && for i in *.jpg *.JPG *.png *.PNG ; do out=$(uuidgen).jpg ; convert -quality 75 "$i" -strip -auto-orient -resize 4x4 -resize 1920x1080\! "blurrybackgrounds/${out}" ; done # Use your photos and images to make nebulous backgrounds.

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>new academic year will be a mix of onsite and online education tailored to everyone's needs

me and my colleagues be like:

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Chuǎng: "journal analyzing the ongoing development of capitalism in China, its historical roots, and the revolts of those crushed beneath it."

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In practice, even though they are often pitched one against the other, I see little difference between the marketing strategies used by
and Mozilla. And why should they be? They both come from the same context, they are part of the same dominant tech infrastructure, and they have used the same tricks to appeal to wide audience, build upon participatory and unpaid labour, and are constantly trying new, sometimes short lived, products to try to expand their market. It does not matter that Mozilla was presenting itself as defender of the open web when free culture was peaking, or was saying its was organic in the early days of food industry critique, or presented itself as a privacy safe harbour in post-Snowden times, or positioned its
community as inclusive and diverse more recently. It still remains a black box that needs to survive following the same logic and principles as any other tech company, specially if it is one that is not necessarily in the most powerful position and depends on the wealth of its competitors to provide most of its earning (basically whoever is paying Mozilla to be the default search engine).

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To be sure, I don't want to make it sound like Google or others are any better, but I just want to emphasize that we keep on being sold the same product, the same culture. It's just the packaging that changes, that's all. It also does not mean that what these companies are producing are systematically crap or should be dismissed. But it's unfortunate to realise that the good stuff is impossible to decouple from the crap, specially in an age where surveillance capitalism has been shaping the offering for the worse.

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