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//ERASE is a digital festival and conference on the poetics and politics of erasure. It is a hybrid event, taking place online and on-site. It blends the festival and conference format to showcase commissioned video presentations of creative works, and to contribute to a critical debate on the theme of erasure. ERASE invites international guests to reflect on how the poetic, literary, and artistic practices of erasure relate to wider discussion on aesthetics, technology, and politics.//

As part of Writing Machine Collective in Hong Kong, we're organizing a free online symposium:"Knowledge Asymmetries in the Age of ". Great line-up with Lauren Lee McCarthy, Btihaj Ajana, Beatrice Fazi, Adrian Weller and Frank Pasquale. Very much looking forward to it. See/

The first one is on next Tue - You Can Say “Talk to Me” 你可以說「告訴我」by Lauren Lee McCarthy (Artist and Associate Professor at UCLA Design Media Arts), the session is moderated by Winnie Soon (Artist-researcher and Associate Professor at Aarhus University)

As part of we've created PCDcast as a way to connect w/ local and global art communities and coding scenes. The 1st episode we are v honored to have @deedottiedot 🥰, and I have a conversation with her to talk about "Why code?"👩‍💻 -
(more episodes will follow)

The new issue of The Nordic Journal of - "The Changing Ontology of the " is live! Geoff and I have contributed a "What is an image?" Check out the journal: and the too:

Excited to walkthrough my virtual studio with the audiences. This time I will talk about diagramming practice & coded images. is hosted by The Photographers’ Gallery, UK and Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland. Come and join us 🙂

We are pleased to announce the new open access/ source web ver of the bk , which is designed and implemented by @osp_kitchen. Check out, and make your own web version with new chapters/references/works by forking the repository:

Join our coming book launch at 20.00 CET today, hosted by HaCCS Lab. We will also walkthrough our latest OA web version with customized design, interactive and editable sketches for learning, designed by .

Geoff and I are going to present our latest open access book - Aesthetic Programming: A handbook of Software Studies on 23 Apr (14:30 CET) and it is open for the public. Join us and register here:

Join us for this public online book launch on 13/4 "The Art of Fixing ". Me+ Cornelia Sollfrank in conversation w/ Annet Dekker, participants include Janine Sack fr EECLECTIC,
Morgane Stricot, Matthieu Vlaminck and Margit Rosen, hosted by ZKM

New artwork "What is an image?" By me and Geoff Cox, 2021. - to be published in The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics

一直都好想用藝術去intervene知識生產鏈,而呢件作品係想提出什麼是影像的疑問。背後是一行一行的代碼程式,當execute呢個程式後會變成一個diagram(as an image)。這個diagram既內容包括七堂有關不同影像的課程,當解拆每一個書名及關鍵詞後,連結會帶來不同的聯繫,而diagram不再只展現既有程序,而是帶來新的想像空間。

Exhibiting II in Hong Kong Arts center as part of the ifva awards until 14/3. The project explores the politics of erasure and the temporality of voices within the context of digital authoritarianism. It presents the sheer scale of unheard voices by technically examining and culturally reflecting the endlessness, and its wider consequences, of censorship that is implemented through technological platforms and infrastructure.

Thx to weiboscope research project. More info:

The work is also showing at Bergen too as part of electronic literature org festival-

Super excited to announce the release of paperback : A Handbook of Studies, written w/ Geoff Cox, published by @openhumanities Press. Open access PDF + open source (txt+code) Fantastic cover and design by @osp_kitchen :

Have been really joyful to work on Queer Motto APi - @transmediale almanac w/ @hp @ccl and Nynne. A project to think about what's software as service, and how we might reorganize and queer our collective life. Check it out and our manual
Our API manual:

Our last work session before the holiday on , brought to you by Queer Service Team @hp , me, @ccl and Nynne Lucca:

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A really lightening conversation between Audrey Tang (Digital Minister in Taiwan) + Yukiko Shikata (Curator in Japan) w/ shu lea cheang regarding FORKING PIRAGENE, covering art, design, FLOSS, personal data, securitycreative commons, digital vs IT, humanities, nature, alternative possibility and the possible future. Watch here: (one hour)

Ready for next week () w/Lee Tzu Tung , which is one of the Forking PiraGene  projects for LAB KILL LAB taking place December 14-20, 2020 at C-lab. Forking Piragene takes an unrealized proposal on piragene and piraport from Shih-Chieh Ilya Li and Audrey Tang for Kingdom of Piracy in 2001 and invites hack generation artists to further expand on their concept to “…demonstrate an alternative "identity platform" for pirates, via Gene discrimination, Port multiplexing, and Cross-signed trust chains.”

+++Description of forkonomy ()+++
In contemporary economical expansion, America federal and banks, giant tech corporations have managed to maintain their colonial forces to govern the accessibility and distribution of resources. The rise of China economic power, though operating in a different regime, also follows and adopts similar capitalistic, centralized and advanced (computable) machines, in which the invisible hand exploits ecologies and alienates labors. The economy trade bloc further demarcates the nowaday island states and territories of the Pacific. [...]

More info and

Wow first test - our first queer motto is generated through the new API infrastructure with the seed text "not for self but for all" With @helenvpritchard and Cristina Cochior

Working with Cornelia Sollfrank on the forthcoming ebook called Fix my . We use and markdown for the whole collaborative writing process. We are hoping to get it down by end of this year. 👉

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