Super excited to announce the release of paperback : A Handbook of Studies, written w/ Geoff Cox, published by @openhumanities Press. Open access PDF + open source (txt+code) Fantastic cover and design by @osp_kitchen :

@siusoon This is the critical, more reflective update of the "creative coding" curriculum I have been looking for! I have only just started flipping through the PDF but I really like it already.

@praxeology oh thanks. I hope this is just a start, as I feel there are many critical and reflective perspectives that can work on with different topics. It is really interesting to think about what we can do and think with code :)

@siusoon Well done, beautiful project. I am in love with the acknowledgement script <3

@phf "it introduces and demonstrates the reflexive practice of aesthetic programming, engaging with learning to program as a way to understand and question existing technological objects and paradigms, and to explore the potential for reprogramming wider eco-socio-technical systems" is what I find interesting. The title font choices, the cover design, ... Probably not my cup of tea, but I'm willing to give it a try. I might report back if I find interesting nuggets to share.

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