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My essay "Learn to Code vs. Code to Learn: Creative Coding Beyond the Economic Imperative" is now available online >

The essay was originally published in the book "Graphic Design in the Post-Digital Age", which includes 20+ interviews with amazing designers and creative coders such as @raphael :unwanted_fire:

thx to @rra, @cmos4040, @mara, @sejo for precious feedback :unwanted_love:

Gardening updates: peas and beans coming in strong! First zucchini and cucumber flowers too

Currenting thinking about robots and dancers moving in counterpoint. Like Fase by Rosas but humans and robots.

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Looking forward to hosting situated computation researcher and designer Vernelle Noel for the second talk in the algorithmic pattern series.. Vernelle employs algorithms, patterns and maths to restore and reconfigure the wire-bending craft of Trinidad Carnival.
Proper algorithmic dance culture!
Full info + signup:

There’s a great team of student researchers working on our live coding avatars project and today one of them discovered machinima existed and it clearly made them so happy 💕

I think this is the summer I will actually start recording my podcast. Especially since my website is finally in a viewable condition so is not longer on the list

My new favorite student really isn’t a student. He’s never taken one of my classes and he’s actually a senior auditor. Basically a senior citizen who is allowed to audit university courses. He emails me all his work and then we sit on a bench and talk about art. He just loves art school so much more than the 20 year olds.

The temperature is going to be 100F here today. In Virginia. In May.

I have a large stock of popsicles and I ordered a pool to be delivered this morning but this is not good.

So many things happened in my dream last night but a big part was going door to door like a Mormon, but to tell people about performance art.

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Last nights dream I went to watch a PhD candidate’s performance and they were selling merch based on their thesis. Like mugs with keywords and T-shirts with quotes from their writing

As usual Eurovision has left me with more questions than answers.

Why is Australia competing? Why was Romania’s entry sung in Spanish? How did the UK come in 2nd?!!

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Really excited to announce the speakers of the first series of free online talks on "algorithmic patterns" in arts and culture.
Featuring weaving, wire bending, heritage algorithms, konnakol, live coding and juggling patterns
Emerging info and signups here:

Grades submitted. So glad to have a break from students until the fall.

Ideas for dances I probably will never make 

A piece to all Elliot Smith music called Suite Adeline

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Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism


We have more covid cases in the dance dept right now then we did at any other point in the past two years. Moving finals to zoom as a precaution. Luckily I have never stopped masking.

From a “Video Choreography” syllabus a colleague found from 1990. Don’t mess with the tubes! Also no smoking and gum can cause choking.

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