Nice article about Swiss queer hacker Tillie Kottman (Verkada Hack), that is pointing out the central problems - german only

@shusha what are the central problems? Haven't read it yet

@rra yes, as @freebliss says. And she is very clear about her political position as a queer anti-capitalist anarchist activist. The article is (for Swiss press) unusual nuanced about history, even mentions Aaron Swartz (not just Snowden), and a whole tradition of hacking for political reasons.

@rra @freebliss but Republik is in no way representative for Swiss press. In fact it is the only medium with decent data journalism. It also is a coop, and I support it from its start two years ago.

@shusha @freebliss Ok great thanks for the context! It's on the weekend reading list :)

«Wir arbeiten nicht gezielt», sagte Kottmann in der «Washington Post». «Wir alle leiden an ADHS und haben nicht viel Geduld.»

@deletescape you are an absolute legend. :D

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