We're kicking off the commons.hour - a monthly open gathering to learn, share and co-design a governance model and handbook for #cooperative-#commons tech infra initiatives like #meetcoop

πŸ“† Monday 27th at 18h UTC

Invitation: https://opencollective.com/meet-coop/updates/invitation-commons-hour-session-1

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@aral @rra @robertwgehl We touch on that a bit towards the end of the essay, and reference Gizmodo's loss of access to review units as an example of this relationship between advertising, tech companies and reviewers

@aral @rra @robertwgehl Thanks -- and you're right! But we chose to explore both tech print magazines and youtube influencers. Because of that it was very easy for the scope of this analysis to grow too wide

@liaizon @rra you will not find liberation in a company controlled space. That's like going to a workers rights seminar hosted by management

@liaizon @rra it won't be possible to force them to pay people from the fediverse. Instead the best paths forward are either to hit them publicly with a particularly strong, focused and sustained criticism, or organise a funded counter group that can develop similar concepts under a particular set of licenses.

@rra @liaizon the bluesky discord is a way for a giant tech company to profit from free labour. It's the next generation of things like the Darwin kernel, Android, etc.

@shibacomputer oh i didn't know this one, but the spirit seems to be the same as Foobar2000, which is so cutomisable that, yeah, you could almost call it a "music player engine" ;)

Another good example of how powerful interface complexity can be is with MusicBee, a free music app for Windows. On the surface it looks similar to any other music player, but it embraces the messiness of music, cataloguing and user preference with respect to their music. Fully skinnable, automation management, multi-format encoding/transcoding, Discogs/Musicbeans support, streaming support, soundcloud support, extensive keyboard support, syncs with portable music players and phones etc etc. A negotiated balance between the expression of art inherent in music, and the user's individual relationships to music. An incredibly liberating tool.

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With no disrespect intended to the merveilles.town crowd (and similar spaces), I'm more excited by the power of embraced complexity inherent in systems borrowed from games and simulations than I am by
the aesthetics and interfaces derived from simplicity, command lines, minimalism and degrowth.

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Masterplan, for example, remains one of the most striking personal project management tools I've ever encountered. If you've never seen it before, you owe it to yourself to see how it works, and how its designer, Solarlune, perceives the relationships between interface, animation and input: solarlune.itch.io/masterplan

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I've been playing on and off with Godot, an open source 2d/3d game engine. I increasingly think that game engines offer the most exciting examples of new or more supportive/powerful desktop paradigms, particularly for personal software.


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