Here's a sneak peek of 's forthcoming v1.0 re-skin. We've revised Nextcloud Hub 3's design for improved visual, layout and typographic and a focus on refining interface [1]. Once this is complete, we will redraw and replace all of Nextcloud's icons, authoring them against a grid and ensuring they follow a consistent stype.

We've also wrapped it in Underscore's identity and I'm pretty thrilled with how it's coming along. The first of many.

More about this project:

is a based platform, built from projects & refined with strong moderation tools. It features:
🐦 Creative collaboration, broadcasting, streaming and web publishing
🐦 No passwords - authentication through community participation
🐦 Analytics-free and hosted in Finland, Germany and Switzerland

Info & expressions of interest πŸ‘‰

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[1] We are currently fighting Nextcloud's javascript-powered auto light/dark text implementation, which can reliably produce colour combinations that fail W3C web accessibility standards.

@shibacomputer This is literally the first concrete example I've seen of Underscore's planned services, and ... that's it?

The website is verbose about freedom and open platforms, and asks a lot of questions before letting potential users sign up β€” but says fuck all about what alternatives you will offer in return.

Sorry, but it's going to take more than a watercolour of a kingfisher and a rebranded Nextcloud server to make me sign up for a mystery box...

@shibacomputer Also, with all respect for your bold decision to brand around a blue bird now, this is... barely readable design:

@haverholm Please take a moment to consider the first sentence of the post, which refers to a "sneak peek" of what we're working on.

If people find it interesting, dope, follow and keep tabs on what we're working on.

Not your thing? No problem, nobody's forcing you to sign up.

Hope that helps! πŸ‘

@shibacomputer I know I'm being very critical here, especially for a Saturday morning, but I do welcome more open platforms and alternatives to corporate services. I wouldn't care about underscore's presentation and software stack if I weren't curious.

I'm just telling you what I see from the website: You certainly have an aesthetic, and you seem to have opinions about big tech. That's fine. You also claim to have solutions, but stop short of actually saying what they are...

@shibacomputer Thanks for posting this! I've had such a time trying to work out what Underscore actually is/does. This sort of context, suggesting what tools are involved (and what Underscore might be an alternative to) is super helpful.

@tomlowenthal it's been a little bit vague up until now while we've been deciding what it should and shouldn't be. We're at a stage now with it where we can start talking about Underscore actually is and does.

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