@wendy my browser wants to use my discrete GPU to display Toots. surely there's something lighter than that 馃槄

@shibacomputer @wendy Hyperspace I think has a windows version. But it is probably electron so might not be any better. Maybe also Sengi

@liaizon @wendy Sengi is still electron but definitely less clunky than the browser. Thanks!

Ultimately I would love something like Mast on iOS or something as polished as what's available on Android. hah!

@liaizon @wendy something like that!

serious answer: i wanted a powerful computer that i can repair, and also do creative work with.

@shibacomputer @wendy ironically I am on a microsoft computer now
(surface laptop) but its glued shut and is the least repairable computer i have ever owned, but am running manjaro on it and am finally out of apple's walled garden

@liaizon ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14. Everything is user serviceable although you obviously need to order parts. The build quality is exceptional. Decent battery, very capable machine. Weighs the same as a 13鈥 MacBook Pro.

@shibacomputer @liaizon @wendy there are a couple of UWP apps in the Microsoft store. I forget the name but if you search 'Mastodon' they should show up.

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