The Twitter hack is the latest in a long line of failures of centralised platforms. Regardless, the decentralised community underestimates resilience of these platforms and remains dangerously unprepared for the wolves that howl at the door of our users.

"This is Fine": Optimism and Emergency in the Decentralised Network.

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@shibacomputer I think Mastodon could easily be fixed to correct the DM issue. A key pair could be derived from users' password (which remains unknown to the server as usual), and the public key is stored on the server to use by anyone who wishes to communicate with you.

On password change, a new keypair is generated each time, which I suppose also creates plausible deniability if the keys can easily be lost / changed.

I agree though it's a glaring issue! Awesome article.

@shibacomputer Very interesting read which highlights how "decentralized" doesn't necessarily mean "anonymous".

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