If you think the answer to a well paid big tech employee taking a bribe to compromise your account is to switch to a decentralised alternative,

I cant wait til you discover how easy it will be to bribe one of the thousands of volunteer admins running these decentralised alterantives.

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@shibacomputer That is true, but on a well-decentralized network, the damage a single admin can cause is also much smaller.

@shibacomputer @brunoph also, if it's a p2p alternative, there won't be an admin to bribe.

@shibacomputer this is a well-researched, well-written, and much-needed text.

I've had some of these concerns about #dat and #scuttlebutt but had not considered them in this historical context.

Thanks for sharing.

@shibacomputer Is it okay if I share this? Or is this article still in draft status?

@shibacomputer @aadil am also interested in a shareable version of this. Thank you, this is indeed much-needed perspective.

@liaizon yes! read and shared it on ssb earlier today

@shibacomputer @aadil oops, sorry for boosting. This is a really great article and I will definitely be sharing it once it's published.

@shibacomputer @aadil @brunoph

happy to see some historical context, the IT industry is famous for its amnesia.

@shibacomputer @aadil @brunoph Good article, one thing to note is that mastodon does have an e2e encryption feature being working on right now for direct messages. Not that this changes things to day but it does look like things are getting somewhat better.

@aadil @shibacomputer @brunoph

depends on the protocol and your threat model. generally speaking, p2p is disastrous for privacy and exposes your home network to many external threats. special care must be taken to create private spaces within the network and to shield users from dangerously exposing their physical infrastructure and location.


Are you sure we're alone?

Yes, yes, I'm sure we're alone!

Then who's that standing beside you?

That's you.

I know, but can I be trusted?


@shibacomputer yes, now one copy of your post/account is compromised, there's only a million correct ones left

@shibacomputer Less incentive to bribe any one admin in a decentralised network, though. At least for the kind of hack they ran on Twitter.

@shibacomputer Fair point, but unlike the centralized datafarm, bribing just any admin won't help them compromise my account. They can only do that if an admins on the instance hosting *my* account will take a bribe. I can avoid that by self-hosting, or by picking an instance run by someone I know and have good reason to trust.

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