@billygomberg @kindohm I would add that part of the fun is not always being sure where you're going and just enjoying open exploration ✊

@parsa I've been back to enjoying her zones a bit more lately too 😊 hope you're doing well. πŸ€—

I'm visiting family in Nashville, so won't be able to scope until tomorrow, but Robert's music is always worth investigating. Excited to hear his new release. Tokinogake has put out some excellent stuff the last couple years 🀘

@emenel @h yeah, a shame I'm back to muting, but so it goes. Pics from your art opening looked great, by the way! ✊

I got a job after two years of searching for the right fit. In the off time I tinkered with some coding and I guess despite it feeling like it wouldn't lead to anything, I got a job in technology doing DevOps. So not only was it cool to learn new things because I'm a curious nerd, it did end up leading to a new path in life. Thankful to find a place that appreciated someone from a nontraditional background of being a history teacher. I'm hoping this takes my confidence with tech to the next level and can even get back to some MAX and/or TidalCycles work. I still just have too much fun with hardware, but have endless respect for you computer music weirdoes out there πŸ™

I wrote on my site about the experience these last two years. Little essays have been sort of a good way to organize my thoughts and express myself without being confined to social media micro-nuggets. Read here, if you're interested: sellanraa.info

Some folks who are migrating over are already changing the tone of Mastodon. The cynical / hot take / pseudo-comedy bullshit is replacing the optimism and information sharing. Sort of a bummer.

@yaxu started it today. Congratulations to all ✊

@c_reider anything with Silverman that is in the direction of Mimir? (If you're familiar, if not, immediately track it all down πŸ‘€)

@c_reider it seems they've put out a slew of stuff in the last 15ish years too. Solo and as LPD. Any suggestions? πŸ€”

@c_reider wow, I had no idea they were still playing. Haven't paid attention in 15+ years and now I'm curious. Most appreciated some of the Ka-spel solo stuff really. Mimir was my gateway into it.

Guess I should try to post here every now and again. My friend Chris Kincaid and I have been regularly working with our friend Tim Barnes over the past year. No idea what the song ideas are leading to, but it has been fun and I think really good for Tim. I posted some pics and even video of Tim wiggling away during editing and mixing on my Instagram. Here's one of Tim tracking some drums this morning.

@calum One of my favorites. Always felt like their random tracks and these Peel Sessions were better than "Rusty".

I'm curious if there's a way to get a handful of invites to this Mastodon server. Anyone know how that works who can point me in the right direction? Thanks.

@msh That's great, yeah, I really enjoyed meeting him when I played up in Portland a few years ago. Love what he's doing with TO too. Thank you for listening. Definitely feel I exist in a vacuum with music anymore - or a droplet in a deluge may be more accurate - so any response is appreciated. Cheers!

@erik Yes, I could swear I followed you before, but...hard to say for sure since I'm not on here so often. But yes, hello and hope all is well!

In the interest of sliding over here more often, I'll mention that I have a new CD out on Traced Objects. Available here: tracedobjects.bandcamp.com/alb

Also, guitarist Daniel Wyche is playing here in Louisville tonight in the basement of Decca. A free show and my pal Flanger Magazine will be DJing and have copies of his new LP on Students of Decay available. Should be fun. Decca basement is a cool zone for sure.

Also, for anyone who might not know me, I'm a musician who lives in Louisville, KY USA. I've performed as Shedding for over 20 years now (time flies πŸ‘€), was a member of a handful of rock bands over that time as well, and currently play guitar in an untitled art pop group, play synth in the Free Electronic Association of Louisville (Flanger Magazine, Hairbrushing, and I were founding members, but it includes potentially many others), mutant techno in a duo with my buddy Hairbrushing called GERUNDS, and work with my pal Tim Barnes making weird crispy electronic 'dance' music just for fun.

I'm a former educator looking to return if the situation is right, but until then working in logistics at a motorcycle parts/accessories company, which is sort of refreshingly low-stress. Low pay too unfortunately.

I love learning and reading, so I appreciate the perspectives shared by the super brilliant folks here about music, art, and technology.

My general website with miscellaneous info, dachshund photos, and a link to the Shedding page:


Logging in for the first time in quite awhile. Any suggestions on good accounts to follow? Cheers!

Trying to tune in to the Toplap birthday stream all weekend. I just love this community so much. - it ticks so many cool boxes to appreciate.

@hecanjog@merveilles.town Thanks. Just figured I should investigate finally. Hope all is well with you.


A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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