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Learning about the costs of running a Mastodon instance for even <1000 users highlights how Twitter also wasn't free, even though users thought it was. There were enormous costs, and we paid for them.

Did we ever pay for them.

My newest game IS OUT.

The Barnacle Goose Experiment
is an abiogensis body horror idle clicker where you play as a researcher in a biodome tasked with generating a world out of their own body.

Music from Ben Babbitt, halina heron, Geotic, Adobo, Jún, Smokey Emery, Sadurn, Zac Traeger, SamanthaZero, and Eli Rainsbury and supported in part by Arts Council England.

Play it free in the browser now -

Another of mine ported over from the birdsite is now posting exclusively here: @FindMobyDick. It's a companion bot to @mobydick that replies to every Moby Dick post with the chapter and paragraph number of that quote.

I've registered domain names you people wouldn't believe. Dot coms, dot orgs, dot nets. I've watched them glitter in the dark near the GoDaddy gateway. All those domains will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to expire.


@mobydick Although maybe the decrease in interactions is just a matter of scale. On Twitter, around 100,000 people followed the bot. Over here, around 1,000 people follow it.

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I personally don’t miss the quote-retweet, but I *have* noticed it was the primary way folks engaged with the Twitter version of @mobydick. Without the qrt, Moby Dick on Mastodon is getting far fewer people talking to it or about it.

🦭 A history of the earth, and animated nature.
New-York: T. Kinnersley, 1825.

The #walrus in this 1825 #bhlib illustration looks absolutely stunned! Guess he didn't know it was picture day

I told my kids that Netflix used to send DVDs through the mail, and they didn't believe me.

Twitter right now feels like the movie Groundhog Day, except every morning you wake up and it’s Twitter’s last day.

small things big, big things small, fast things slow, slow things slower, spatial and temporal scales are there to be fucked with

The problem with email newsletters is the level of commitment needed both to write and to read them. As a writer, you feel guilt and shame if you're not regular. As a reader, the unread email taunts you as you scroll past, looking for emails you can just delete without reading.

🦧 Gemeinnüzzige Naturgeschichte des Thierreichs: .
Berlin ;bei Gottlieb August Lange, 1780-1789.

We had some good times on Twitter. Like , in which I spent a weekend hosting a fake conference in which Very Famous People played along with the gag. And some other famous people showed up, not knowing it was a gag.

I found my "Steps in Writing a Research Paper" notes from 7th grade. Amazingly, this are *exactly* how I wrote my diss.

The secret to academia is saying "ontological" like you mean it.

twitter speculation 

if I had to guess, the most likely outcome still isn't a spectacular implosion. there won't be a "last day" of twitter, it'll just be a worse experience and less popular until it's basically irrelevant

Description of in the Microsoft Publisher For Windows 95 companion manual.

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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