@exstral we you since some days a combination of nextcloud for calender, files and pad on one hand and than rocket.chat on the other for group cordination, brain storm etc. In my opinion this combo works very well ...

2013 I tried to develop a format where I could talk about and show that it is hard to watch because of all the tech and conceptual difficulties, but still very much worth it. So I have called it Gallery Surfing youtube.com/channel/UCG0YyJMyN
Also I thought this format could raise attention for small online galleries and their great work. At the same time I thought this could be something like a public reflection on netart or art, as a kind of video podcast ... But it was more difficult then I thought and somehow after 6 or 7 iterations I have not continued ... but now After I had to cancel te show of Joana Moll because of the pandemic, I thought it would be nice to have instead a gallery tour though this exhibtion because all the works we would have showed where at the net so or so ... So why not do it live and show the works in their natural net enviroment and get a tour by the artist!
So please feel free to watch this experiment live today (29.3.2020 19:00 Berlin Time) twitch.tv/pankegallery

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Golden oldie project! Remote #code with the title of their #book on the booksellers' website, v/ #bitnk .. It is still working!! #NetArt

👉🏻 https://t.co/Cbvv8V7p3i?amp=1

👉🏻 https://t.co/HzjtNfGnvF?amp=1

@raphaelbastide maybe day4 could have some sniffing noises too

like it really its very uncanny and disturbing

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if someone is in berlin -
next wednesday (11.09.2019) - we open our zentrum der netzkunst at the haus der statistik for two weeks - feel free to say hallo ...

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Corporeal < of the body, for the body, from the body > (link: themacdallas.submittable.com/s) themacdallas.submittable.com/submit/145007/… < — open call!

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@rra ahh yeah - I haven't checked the screenshot so princely - I was so impressed by the empty form of youtube that forgot the surrounding ... so it was not meant to be related ...
But nevertheless - I was searching for his schedule and will try to see a lecture once if he is still at the Hu Berlin ...

@rra ? what do you mean - is it a recomendation ?!
I was once or twice at Helmar Schramm lectures - but wasnt serious enough to check out W. Scheffner ... you mean I should do it now ? :)

@rra yes I've been invited. then I saw Silvio is also here and Brendan told me some of you where "related" to the Piet Zwart Institute - where I was once invited by Annet and had a nice impression - so I thought this is a great place to start my expierence with the Mastodon thing ... and also I like the art of lurking more than publishing ... so I will not post so much but use this to follow ... --- I hope I could explain it a bit ... ?!


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