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Ça y est... les zapatistes commencent leur voyage ! 🔁

Ils viennent rencontrer nos luttes, celles et ceux d'en bas, celles et ceux qui les ont invité.es pour parler de leurs histoires mutuelles, de leurs douleurs, de leurs rages, de leurs réussites et de leurs échecs.

Et pour aider ce voyage historique, vous pouvez participer aux frais de déplacement à l'intérieur de l'Europe et autres soucis logistique.

C'est ici :

Boost appréciés 🤗 🔁

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🥳 C'est demain à 19h à la librairie Quilombo - et plus précisément dans la salle du #CCIP ➡️ échanges et débats autour de #DemainLaSanté avec les auteurices @sabrina Mélanie Fievet et Elio Possoz, en présence de la sociologue Fanny Vincent (co-autrice de "La casse du siècle, à propos des réformes de l'hôpital public") et de Caroline Izambert, Responsable plaidoyer et mobilisations citoyennes chez #AIDES ⤵️⤵️⤵️

Viendez 🤗🤗🤗

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Dear , , in an institution..

A letter from to everyone facing .
Let’s learn together how to do technology differently!

"Together we witnessed how the recent move to ‘distant learning’ has meant that educational institutions have almost without exception turned to online commercial platforms. What we called ‘an elephant in the room’ only a few months ago, has finally trampled all residual ‘room’ in education. It might feel like the change is sudden, but it has been long in the making..."

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📆 Au fait, le 18 septembre prochain nous lançons #DemainLaSanté à la librairie #Quilombo avec les auteurices Sabrina Calvo, Mélanie Fievet et Elio Possoz, en présence de la sociologue Fanny Vincent (co-autrice de "La Casse du siècle - à propos des réformes de l'hôpital public") et de Caroline Izambert, Responsable plaidoyer et mobilisations citoyennes chez #AIDES 🏥

Plus d'informations sur notre site par ici 👉

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: Bureaucracksy

Between 7 and 12 December 2020, organises the Bureaucracksy in Brussels.

This work-session investigates the governance of techno-social systems through the prism of . The execution of rules is an essential element of computation, of digital infrastructures, and of the societies that they operate with.

The work-session invites and to share imaginations of counter-accountancies and -accountabilities, of how to engage with paperwork, systemics and logistics.

More more more (ask me or)

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Come read with us online, this thursday evening, 23/07, 16:00 - 18:00 CEST. 📚

Varia is hosting two collective reading and conversation sessions. One will be online and one will be in our physical space, as a series of events to discuss matters of abolitionist technology & community-driven systems of accountability, while generating anonymous, consensual debris for stone throw, a temporary online work to share our resources and reflections. We sought texts that are talking about what we want to learn with and about, now.

For our first session we will read from Ruha Benjamin's Race After Technology, choosing chapter 5 Retooling Solidarity, Reimagining Justice to read together. In this chapter, Benjamin examines how practitioners, scholars, activists, artists, and students are working to resist and challenge the New Jim Code (a term Benjamin uses to connect discriminatory technology with past segregationist laws in the Southern states). This chapter also offers suggestions on how to contribute to an approach to technology that moves beyond accessing new products, to advocating for justice-oriented design practices.

These workshops are made with @jules @ccl. 👌

Find out more here -

"Well, as in cells and sprouts, growth occurs only at the edges of something. From the peripheries [...]. But even to see the peripheries, it seems, you have to be on them, or by an act of re-vision, place yourself there. Refining and strengthening the judgments you already have will get you nowhere. You must break set. It's either that or remain at the center. The dead, dead center." (Joanna Russ, How to Suppress Women's writing. 1983. p 132)

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haha, ok zoomer*

*someone who forces his softwares unto others.

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The started an adhoc online festival for all sorts of streamed events / shared doc jams and other online activities we can do together :workstation:

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What Remains is at for 3 months :luct_griffin:

They really went full-on with the lets-make-it-look-like-some-cosy-living-room-to-play-some-NES-game-and-chill option. Pretty cool :110:

(and some of @l03s essays that we used to develop the story got printed for the occasion)

If you're nearby and want to play some you know what to do :luct_warrior:

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Next weekend Varia will host a meeting on feminist servers as part of a series called Feminist Hack Meetings.

Let's talk about feminist servers! In this meeting, we invite you to discuss questions like:
What does it mean for a server to be feminist, and how could it look like? What and who does it serve? What does it take to create and maintain it?
We would like to map and draw collectively our ideas and consider the possibility of setting up a feminist server at Varia, as a base for our practice.
We will bring material (like RPis and computers) to start experimenting and trying things out.
Join us!

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On ne va pas s'en cacher, on s'inquiète : aujourd'hui, 19 février, on a réuni environ 20% de notre budget pour 2020... Aidez-nous à relancer notre campagne de dons !

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Whenever you're writing a research proposition or a funding application, remember that the original proposal for what later became the Web was deemed “vague but exciting”.

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Hello la mastosphère !

C'est la toute première fois mais je me lance : je cherche un poste de responsable communication , en freelance ou CDI / CDD, si possible dans le milieu associatif / économie sociale et solidaire (d'où mon pouet ^^)

Je suis versée en communication de marque, événementiel, numérique, partenariats, marketing stratégique (🙃) et pilotage d'appels d'offres.

Et je suis dans le 75.

Je tiens mon CV au chaud pour celleux que tout cela inspirerait ;)

Des bizes <3

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#TurFuminisme : Le retour 🥳 En ce dimanche 26 janvier nous nous préparons pour un nouvel Atelier Prendre soin des possibles avec SpiderAlex, Cyberféministe, passionnée de technologies libres, sur le thème Infrastructure féministes 🏗🧱

L’infrastructure féministes est ce qui soutient et appuie avec des ressources, plus ou moins stable, l’avancé et développement des luttes féministes.

Début de la journée aux alentours de midi ⏰

Plus d'infos sur notre programme par ici

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This weekend Varia is hosting two gatherings that are both the start of a series:

Feminist Hack Meetings (on Saturday)

An informal first gathering of a series of research meetings that aim to explore the suggestions, urgencies and potentials of feminist hack & tech initiatives.


Read & Repair feat. The Bootleg Library (on Sunday)

Come and make yourself comfortable, read the books you never find time to read, browse/exchange/acquire parts from our electronics depot or use the quietness of the day to repair things that need fixing.


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Hey, les ateliers Prendre soin des possibles reprennent dès demain, dimanche 19 janvier, à partir de 11H à La Mutinerie ━☆゚.*・。゚

Au programme, nous accueillons cette fois-ci Alexia Chandon Piazza, pour une conversation puis un atelier d'écriture autour du thème de la préservation et de la réparation.

Le programme est accessible là ↪️

Et les compte-rendus des précédentes rencontres sont disponibles sur le wiki du RESET ici ↪️

#TurFuminisme 😉 🌈

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