Hello everyone! Looks like I'm a Lurker now. I'm an engineer and I enjoy tinkering with hardware and software. I typically write code in Go, and I love making things that are helpful or amusing to others. I also like playing with the Plan 9 operating system. I occasionally make art on the computer, and that's something I've been trying to do more lately, and hopefully being on here will encourage that. I also wanted to see more computer art from other people, and read ideas about how technology and culture interact and this seems like the place for it. I look forward to meeting and talking with you all. :)

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@neauoire thanks! i really enjoy your work. also your instance is very pretty :)

@s_video cheers! nice to mee you :) Are you from the lines forums?

@neauoire no, if anything I guess I'm from twitter, though I think I have the most mutual contacts with you from the 9fans IRC/discord. that's where I heard of you're site in the first place.

@s_video you look like a person, get boosted by one and yet you aren't, confusing ;)

Welcome I guess, looking forward to seeing your things.


@reto @s_video it's just a matter of time. Bell Labs icons? Black and white, yeah, they're one of us..

@neauoire @reto haha I actually did find a little while after I found this instance and thought "oh this looks nice." if i didn't have an account here on Lurk I'd want one on Merveilles for sure

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