this probably wont make much sense but: im finally getting over the desire to only learn things in a super abstract way and letting myself gain knowledge by learning little tips and tricks and hacks and sometimes just skimming something until i get the result i want

huh, i just read a blog post pretty easily without the problems ive been having reading things. i wonder if its because i was flossing while i read it.

I enjoyed this post but I'm confused by some point he makes. He mentions that being more productive at work gives him more time for life. I don't really understand this. My work expects me to show up at 8 AM and leave at 5 PM. What am I supposed to do? Nobody says "I've done all my work, bye" and leaves at 2 PM or something. I think I'd have to exhaust everything I could possibly do at work and *then* ask my boss if it's alright to go.

What's really frustrating is that he mentions a similar point in a list of objects to being productive, and sort of aggressively dismisses it:

"In the responses, someone points out that someone who's more productive would be able to spend more time on leisure; that comment is uniformly panned because "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion", as if how one spends time is some sort of immutable law of nature and not something under anyone's control"

My cousin's fiancé has a remote job where he can, and often does, get some fixed number of tasks done then go about his day. Does Dan Luu have a similar job and is just not mentioning it or assuming everyone else is in the same position?

Found this blog post encouraging because I'm not actually smart enough to work on hard problems in the first place lol

i want every piece of clothes i have to be pieces i made myself.

"i love wikipedia its like the best site ever" is my favorite sentence i've read on the internet.

gonna cancel my amazon prime subscription. i order things far too infrequently to justify it and i'm trying to stop using amazon anyway. my 100 bucks a year can go to internet archive.

pinboard is cool but i have no idea why they offer an archiving service for an additional cost. internet archive already does that for free and is probably much better prepared to keep stuff saved for a very long time.

dan luu is probably my favorite blogger on the internet right now. runners up are eli bendersky, julia evans, and russ cox.

having a laptop with a touchscreen is an interesting experience. a lot of websites and UIs are designed to be touched as much as clicked. and i mean that's totally obvious but being able to switch between the two at will makes it obvious in places i didn't notice it before.

when the heck is olia lialinas book coming out

anyone else just straight up bad at reading? like at some point in the past few years it got so hard for me to read what i set out to. i question if i abosrbed what i just read and end up rereading sentences over and over.

a pencil and some paper? i couldnt even describe the possibilities. there's so many things you can do with a little bit of stuff or even nothing at all.

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things you can do with low tech equipment. if you have a kitchen knife, you can master all the fancy french techniques for cutting vegetables. if you have a deck of cards, there's like hundreds of version and variations of solitaire.

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thinking about things you can do for free. go on a walk, push ups, deep breaths, meditate, stuff like that. on twitter i saw a guy mention he makes up random numbers and checks if theyre prime in his head when he gets bored.

A lot of criticism has been written about UNIX, and I think its presistence (like Linux, as opposed to clean slate designs) has blocked innovation in operating systems, or rather the use of innovative operating systems, and I think this might be in response to that. He doesn't actually mention any critique of UNIX of course, but I don't think he's siding with the critique of the basic ideas behind it, because of his work on Plan 9, which takes those ideas further. (ie, he's not saying "UNIX was mistaken, Genera or Oberon or Fuchsia got it right")

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Also interesting is the phrase "the magic words:". The magic words usually refers to "please" when parents are teaching children to ask for things politely. But the first impression I got from this comment was that the magic words are sort of revealing something, pulling back the curtain, like he's finally revealing his motive after all this time we've had with UNIX. (For an analogy, after The Sopranos ended, David Chase's magic words would be "Tony died" or "Tony continued eating dinner with his family", pulling back the curtain and revealing something.)

But I might be wrong there, because we've known the origin story of UNIX for a while, at least since he's gave interviews about it. Nobody's been on the edge of their seat wondering about this. He might have just said that because of the connotations with politeness, ie saying "sorry".

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