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Here's my #inktober2021 thread! 31 days with 31 pen plotter drawings!

🎉🎉 It's also the launch of my Patreon:

The first 31 patrons will each get one of this month's sketches. Any remaining will be randomly sent to backers!

#plottertwitter #plotter #MastoArt

This summer I dropped my venerable (? 6 years old) 2 one time too many and the screen cracked. I intend to it but it is hard to find the replacement part at a price I can justify. This has mostly to do with import duties and shipping etc on non-eu goods.

However, I found this interesting looking spare-part supplier based in :

Does anyone have experience with it? Or know of similar EU-based online stores with spare parts?

When your mobile is looking to connect to a Wi-Fi network, your mobile is also revealing where you have previously connected to. This is what the installation Unintended Emissions by Bengt Sjölen and Danja Vasiliev is about.

A new open call for has just come into the world, all about routines, habits and rituals around food. Send stuff if you’d like to! Meanwhile, is out in print and digitally at

Re: Frances Haugen leaks. Does anyone know whether the actual leaked internal research memos are available somewhere?

The company in charge of the stream suffered a crash and are now streaming to this link instead:

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Boosts appreciated!

We testing self-hosted live streaming using on, and on this occasion we want to invite you again to participate watching today's :
lumbung calling: Regeneration
Saturday, October 2 , 2021
2.30 pm (CET), 3.30 pm (IDT), 6.30 pm (KGT), 7.30 pm (WIB).

About the programme:

"The seventh edition of lumbung calling focuses on . Within the framework of documenta fifteen, regeneration is explored as a way of living and organizing oneself and communities in opposition to extractive practices. This approach also includes generating time and space for mutual support and reflection. It centers care—often made invisible—as a vital part of political activism, enabling the incorporation of many viewpoints within a larger ecosystem."

You can watch it here:

To better understand everyone's viewing experience, we appreciate your feedback.Therefore, kindly take a moment to fill in this response form! (I know)

Welcome to this tutorial on how to deploy a to-do list web app with react, kubernetes, high availability mongo db, and global load balancing on Azure

proof of waste algorithm 

Proof of Stake is the only way out:
"A more desirable route from a sustainability perspective would be to replace the PoW system in its entirety. In fact, there are already more than 350 cryptocurrencies where PoW was abandoned partially or entirely in favor of less energy-hungry and hardware-heavy Proof-of- Stake (PoS) consensus algorithms (Cryptoslate, 2020). A PoS-based system removes the incentive to engage in a computational arms race (Saleh, 2018) and only requires a device with an Internet connection to participate. These devices can be any computer, phone, or tablet that can also be used for other purposes. As such, excesses in energy con-sumption or e-waste generation would be mostly eliminated. We, therefore, conclude that the only effective way to mitigate e-waste and the large amounts of energy these devices consume during their active lifetime would be to replace the PoW-system in its entirety with a more sustainable alternative; this would remove all incentives to develop and use specialized equipment."

How likely is it though that the transition to PoS will happen for established blockchains like Bitcoin? Honest question, I don't know.

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proof of waste algorithm 

This is mostly tied to the use of ASICs:

"In 2013, application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) entered mining and quickly replaced GPUs as the standard hardware. As implied by the name, ASICs perform one specific task: finding the required proofs at optimal efficiency. In fact, ASICs are so specialized that they only fit one mining algorithm. Bitcoin ASIC-based mining devices cannot be used to mine any alternative digital currency. This hyper-specialization of devices also implies that miners rapidly cycle through vast amounts of increasingly powerful mining devices."

And apparently ASIC-resistant algorithms are not effective either:

"In other words, it may be impossible to remove the incentive to build an ASIC miner in the first place; this is explicitly confirmed in a recent proposal by the community of the digital currency Ethereum [...]. The proposal explicitly states that “a custom ASIC to implement this algorithm is still possible” and that an efficiency gain of 1.1–1.2x over regular GPUs should be expected. More research is therefore required to determine if a strategy that includes frequently changing mining algorithms can actually help to mitigate e-waste output or if this simply creates the world’s most unsustainable game of whack-a-mole."

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proof of waste algorithm 

"Bitcoin's increasing energy consumption has triggered a passionate debate about the sustainability of the digital currency. And yet, most studies have thus far ignored that Bitcoin miners cycle through a growing amount of short-lived hardware that could exacerbate the growth in global electronic waste. E-waste represents a growing threat to our environment, from toxic chemicals and heavy metals leaching into soils, to air and water pollutions caused by improper recycling.

• Bitcoin's annual e-waste generation adds up to 30.7 metric kilotons as of May 2021.

• This level is comparable to the small IT equipment waste produced by a country such as the Netherlands.

• On average generates 272 g of e-waste per transaction processed on the blockchain.

• Bitcoin could produce up to 64.4 metric kilotons of e-waste at peak Bitcoin price levels seen in early 2021.

• The soaring demand for mining hardware may disrupt global semiconductor supply chains. "

Today at 15:30 CET I will participate in a conversation together with Caroline Sinders around societal issues and bias in technology referring to feminist artistic strategies critically addressing them, as well as the proposals that our work from different angles offer as an alternative.

Maybe some of you are interested to tune in. 👾


___FACT Liverpool, Transmediale Berlin and Waag Amsterdam are collaboratively launching the Transformer Summit after the Summer. The Summit will take place online, in Liverpool and Amsterdam next 23-26 September, as a series of conversations, discussions and workshops that look at arts-based practices that deal with the societal challenges of digital transformation___

Hi all. I'm Lucia. New on the block, here to introduce myself:

-- I enjoy computer music, post-photography, and backpacking. Have built a tiny home and eager to do it again.
-- I also enjoy DIY arts like rave and zine scenes.
-- I like to make music and visual art on my computer and I enjoy exploring livecoding and DSP. Some of it's on my website and i'll prob post some here too, along with process posts.

I also have a presence on Merveilles. This presence will point to that one but i'm quite glad to be here to interact with instance-specific happenings.

See you around!


Coming soon
//ERASE is a digital festival and conference on the poetics and politics of erasure. It is a hybrid event, taking place online and on-site. It blends the festival and conference format to showcase commissioned video presentations of creative works, and to contribute to a critical debate on the theme of erasure. ERASE invites international guests to reflect on how the poetic, literary, and artistic practices of erasure relate to wider discussion on aesthetics, technology, and politics.//

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