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Event in Prague coming ...!


symposium and workshop & Display Prague 25. - 26. 9. 2020

with Lidia Pereira, Christina Cochior, Du拧an Barok, Liazon Wakest, John Hill, Nikola Brabcova, Hana Janeckova


Which of these messaging services do you actively use?
Do you have an actively used XMPP account?

Great news for all #XMPP users on Apple #macOS and #iOS: @tigase has released new versions of #BeagleIM and #SiskinIM:



Available in AppStore, new features:
- working Voice/Video calls with Conversations
- support for MIX chat rooms
- message rectraction
- message correction
- quick reply
- improved PUSH notifications
- improved message sync with MAM:2

The 'Decentralization Off The Shelf' project by SimplySecure is hosting a free workshop for and of applications about useful design and interaction patterns for the specific UI & UX problems of and software. Perhaps interesting for devs?

boosts appreciated

@wendy pointed out to me that on this photo you can even see the mycelium sticking out!

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馃搫 Kal铆 Tal, The Unbearable Whiteness of Being: African American Critical Theory and Cyberculture, 1996

鈥淚n cyberspace, it is finally possible to completely and utterly disappear people of color. I have long suspected that the much vaunted 鈥榝reedom鈥 to shed the 鈥榣imiting鈥 markers of race and gender on the Internet is illusory, and that in fact it masks a more disturbing phenomenon鈥攖he whitinizing of cyberspace. The invisibility of people of color on the Net has allowed white-controlled and white-read publications like WIRED to simply elide questions of race.

The irony of this invisibility is that African American critical theory provides very sophisticated tools for the analysis of cyberculture, since African American critics have been discussing the problem of multiple identities, fragmented personae, and liminality for over a hundred years.鈥

compilers develop... first as tragedy, then as parse

I think that with the whole fiasco, we're just witnessing once more the limit of the green/open/fair/inclusive discourse when it is essentially used as a smoke screen for commercial activities. For many years now Mozilla has used the model of running a non-profit org in front of their for-profit company. It's quite well documented and as such is not a surprising model, it is used by corporations to interface with different audiences, contexts, etc. There is however always a risk of cognitive dissonance with these models, and this is clear with Mozilla's PR right now, stuck between financial priorities and the need to maintain their image of social justice endorsers they have been working hard to promote until now.

So you might have seen it already, but we're reversing the decision to take the Mastodon instance offline. will remain active and the Mastodon instance will stay up. We're not shutting down. If you need help getting back into your account, you can DM this account or @nuel. And if you'd like to join, here's an invite link: (expires in one week)

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