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"Stand with the nurses in their fight against the EU, UK, Switzerland, Norway, and Singapore. These governments must be investigated for blocking a faster global vaccine rollout leading to the loss of countless lives."

We are organising a public event and want to insert time slots for a pleasant spread out weekend, with an exhibition.
>>>> What tool can you recommend to organise bookings and timeslots for an event?

Please boost!

question to pixelfed users: which instance do you recommend? (Especially for uploading larger numbers of pictures?)

πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ–– #PeerTube v4 is out! πŸ––πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Customization, content discovery, empowering through more control… Our free-libre and federated alternative to YouTube takes the power back to you!


Reading, listening and demodulating a unusal publication called "LOW-TECH CHRONICLES" by Mark van den Heuvel! In the first part van den Heuvel "discusses the topic of the (disappearing) sound of computer activity". In the second part 18 contributers shared different memories, sound and images on that topic. The images are stored with SSTV(Slow-scan television) on the tape!

At the tape position A-08 you can find an image of the network switches in the Metalab's whateverlab(WEL) plus a sound recording of the buzzing network infrastructure!

After the lockdown you can find the publication in the Metalab library. @metalab

We'll be projecting guerrilla art in a prominent location along the Amsterdam Light Festival walking route this winter and are looking for generative artists who wants to display their pieces! DM me for templates and details.

4th of December 2021
16:00-20:30 CET

is a collective artistic research which started as part of the seminar Practices in the Public Space at the Era of Globalised Technologies, by the Centre of New Media and Feminist Practices in the Public Space.

In this worksession WordMord will show and discuss tools and processes through which they they investigate violent words and their arbitrary use in legal and journalistic/media contexts.

Afterwards Allison Parrish @aparrish will conduct the workshop 'Creative with , and Mulch':
We know computers best as tools for analyzing , composing text, and "correcting" text through grammar and spell check. But computation is an equally useful tool for pulling language apart, grinding it down, and making it unfamiliar. This workshop offers a short series of hands-on tutorials with code that facilitates destructive and defamiliarizing operations on text(...)

To register to the workshop: (limited spots)

Allison Parrish is a computer programmer, poet, and game designer whose teaching and practice address the unusual phenomena that blossom when online and computers meet. She is an Assistant Arts Professor at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (...)

I’m happy to announce the Drowning in Γ†ther - Signal hunting bike rides.
The during the month of December I invite you to join me on a trip through the radio spectrum. We are going to hunt for as well as make audible signals of ghost satellites and satellite radio pirates hijacking abandoned military satellites. For the last couple of weeks, I have been assembling a mobile listening station, a cargo bike with a sound system, my antennas, and all the necessary equipment to hunt for satellite signals. During these collaborative bike rides, we try to sync up with the circadian rhythms of the satellites and explore the urban environment of Rotterdam to find the perfect spot to capture their radio signals.
Due to the current Covid situation, I’m planning multiple rides with small groups. The bikes will not only bring us to our listening spots but also help us to keep a healthy distance. So far, I scheduled the 4. & 5. of December as well as the 11. & 12. of December, but other spontaneous group rides during the month could be planned by contacting me.
If you are interested and want to receive updates, please sign up to the Drowning in Γ†ther mailing list via this link:

For more information about my research please visit:


@Bjornmossa I've been looking for blogs like this myself and didn't find anything yet. The only thing in my rss reader that is slightly adjacent is but it's more of a showcase of media art in general, without any technical details

If we want social, environmental and economic change to happen, we also need to consider the role of electronics and digital communication.

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Upon closer investigation it isn't such a strong project. To much aesthetic gesturing, too little engaging with the actual material.

First of all, I was really annoyed at the inflated nunbers of SE/LE in the listings. Clearly fake. Then the fact the magnet links point to the jpg rather than a magnet uri is also a -. Turns out this is because everything is in a monolithic torrent, which kind of makes sense. I never proceeded to download it because it was 1.7TiB. However, turns out it is only 10GB of actual data and the rest are zero-padded files???

Further crappy things are the total appropriation of razor 1911 crew messaging and *name* just as decoration. Nothing is provided on the cultural context etc.

So yeah the whole thing was made for the shooting star effect (shines brightly, but briefly) on twitter, rather than a more thorough multi-sided work. A really interesting statement could have been made along the lines of 'this is what decentralization looks like', introducing a new generation of people to p2p networks and filesharing culture but alas.

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Whoops @neauoire my partner and I accidentally acquired an 18th century style upright harpsichord with robotic electromagnetic hammers and unleashed Orca on it

@shibacomputer and I will be hosting Silvio Lorusso's (@entreprecariat) Welcome to my Thread Talk, a stream on design and disillusion, Friday 19 November @ 17:00 GMT.

More info:

A bigger Antheraea pernyi #moth emerged the other day and last night an Actias dubernardi emerged. I have loads of important stuff to do but instead i decided to see if #supercollider would work with my guitar on my old 32bit #Asus laptop running #antix linux (eee pc 1005HAb) and an Alsesis io|2 interface. And it does. No problem. But the editor is pretty much close to unusable. I had to open an existing file and mess that. Maybe it would work with vim but i am yet to learn how that is done.

NEW DESIGN CONGRESS x @entreprecariat



Oh boy, these two are starting to look really similar!

One of the early, often repeated arguments in favor of over was that it didn't have complicated standards and extensions that one had to keep track of.

I'm curious to know what the difference between the systems is in terms of procedures, governance etc. are? What lessons have been drawn from two decades of XEPs? (Or three-and-a-half decades of IETF)

How does one make sure the system still works after, let's say a decade, when it is no longer exciting and new and everyone is full of energy? When it has become yet another grueling technical bureaucracy like any other real world (open?) standard which needs to deal with legacies, weird real-world requirements and parties which have really different opinions? Not even touching upon corporate capture here.

The same goes for and the talk about or fediverse enhancement proposals.

This is not meant to disparage these processes at all, by the way. Rather, these are genuine questions on how to make this work because we need this kind of stuff to work well for us. We need protocols not platforms.

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