Show more damn just found out about this today. Would be so nice to attend and livepost everything in the saltiest way. Disposable coffee pad manufacturer's CEO, Brian Adams, oil company representatives as speakers. Fantastic products such as Water 3.0, 'Urban gardening without a garden', 'following people to make cities greener', 'climate friendly advertising' and a strong showing from 5 luxury car brands and much more.

Tomorrow and Tuesday, the Computing within LIMITS workshop takes place.

I'm presenting a paper based on a discussion on Mastodon, started by @calcifer about terms related to sustainability and computing. I'm starting with a discussion of 3 historical terms from the 70s, rooted in anarchism, anti-technocratic critique and human-scale technologies, after which I dive into LIMITS related and grass roots terms, ideas and their associated practices.

Link to paper:

Lurk instance is well represented, @rra is there, in paper session #3, with a discussion on degrowth and ICT, focusing on Low Tech Magazine's design choices and most importantly, why it sometimes goes offline:

Many thanks to @solderpunk @neauoire @viznut and @calcifer for their kind contributions!

14 - 15 June, from 16.00 - 20.30 CEST

@l03s is also presenting about the terminology around practices of making alternative computing infrastructures which think about and . What have they been called historically, what have they been called in academia and more interestingly, what have they been called in grass roots technology practices?

Her paper "has the goal of making the many counter narratives to the one of green capitalism visible, show the differences and similarities between them, create bridges between different fields and contexts and demonstrate the wealth this diversity of practices, and the thinking that informs them, brings"

She used a poll on mastodon and the subsequent discussion ( as a way to surface the terms and she discusses some of them: and appropriate technology.

The paper really centers the diversity of approaches and the existence of alternatives not just by mentioning but also engaging with them. @viznut, @neauoire, and @calcifer are mentioned as are and .

The paper is useful for those that want an overview of current discussions on the topic because it points to the many places and ways these discussions take place.

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On monday I'm presenting a paper on during the 'Computing within ' conference.

In the paper I'm describing the design choices we made, such as designing for unavailability and how they were based on reducing a few key metrics such as data transferred, calculations per request and use of third party services. This opens up a way of thinking about and ICT. We should be looking in to that waaaay more.

The paper also tries to implicitly answer the 'how do we do sustainable web design?' question and argues aiming for reduction (of bytes transferred, computation and infra required) as useful rule of thumbs guiding a design. That is to say, solar protocols, 'low tech look', 3.5MB dithered images, green CDNs etc ain't it.

However, it also self-criticizes for the fact that it is so unreproducible and a very limited and 'easy' use case. So yeah no answer but thinking through degrowth should definitely be considered as the direction of the answer..

"The student-user enacts a double bind, merging two overlapping modes of organization of society. On one hand this bind confirms and reinforces the neo-liberal model for education (clients instead of persons, services instead of pedagogical exchanges, competitors instead of peers, etc) and on the other it welcomes in public institutions the wider landscape of capitalist platformization of life, of which school is just one of the sectors to be optimized for value extraction."

Great article on leaked IRS (american tax authority) documents demonstrating how american billionaires are able to completely avoid any taxes.

Ending quote:
Buffett and his fellow billionaires have known this secret for a long time. As Buffett put it in 2011: โ€œThereโ€™s been class warfare going on for the last 20 years, and my class has won.โ€

Why did I think 'pacman -Syu' as a way to 'start the week fresh' was even remotely a good idea.

rainy sunday โ€ฆ continued with the typewriting stuff. i liked the idea from my first try with the textile pattern, so i continued a bit. I made some basic elements first and then merged them into a larger image on a grid. Itโ€™s more like a flying carpet now or wavy glitch something. I also used other glyphs that give it a more dense, textile like appearance (/, %, ยง). I didnโ€™t want to in the first place, but things got very complicated VERY fast and i had to use a text-editor for composition and as template for typing line by lineโ€ฆ :idle:

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"any business school Deans who wish to reproduce the orthodoxy are on the wrong side of history" and more gems in this blistering auto-critique by a leading "critical management" scholar:

this cover is lit :nes_fire:

The Weeknd - Blinding lights
(Arabic Version)ุงู„ู†ุณุฎุฉ ุงู„ุนุฑุจูŠุฉ

Networked publishing, mail art and lots of admin and calculations - tune in for this and more on Saturday for the A Nourishing Network talk at @lgm with @manetta

Looking for a freelance Java developer to quote me for a small open source job extending a feature in an existing Java applet. This is for a cooperatively owned infrastructure project. Bonus if youโ€™ve ever worked with Keycloak. DM me for additional details. Thank you!

๐Ÿ“„ โœจ๐Ÿ’ฐโœจ The Ghostchain. (Or taking things for what they are)
by Geraldine Juรกrez

On "web3" as the ๐ŸŽฐ casino layer of the web ๐Ÿƒ, NFTs, and lots of good refs on assets and assetization.

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