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As several people asked -- yes, Delta Chat works in Belarusia even if Signal, Whatsapp etc. suffer blockings. Several people in the DC community are looking into helping things. If you want to help get in touch, and/or maybe contribute to

anyone know what happened to did they just loose the domain or admin just disappeared?

@rra Back in the dark ages when I ran a USENET nntp server, you always had this problem that expiring (deleting) old articles, especially the binaries, would peg your cpu at 100% for hours while your disk was approaching full. Somebody came up with a kind of "circular filesystem" overlay which kept a list of files by date and every time it wrote a new one it would delete an old one. Might be a good feature for fedi servers.

Anyway, thanks for taking care! was offline a couple of hours, from last night to this morning. Only found out this morning because holidays. Again disk space issues. Could only do the miniumum to get it back up.. Might happen again. Just so you know :thinkhappy: Sorry!

This is my attempt to create an introduction video about live coding music & visual for people in Indonesia. The video is in Bahasa Indonesia

Zine launch announcement 

Delighted to announce that Magiun #1 is finally out, in digital form, and can be seen, read and commented upon at

Magiun is a magazine about everyday food. This first edition deals with eating in isolation - the struggles, the joys, the unexpected discoveries, the newly added anxieties.

Print version out soon!

Hello, This is the fediverse presence of the choir the Vocal Constructivists. We make unusual music. Our last project was the opera, 'Irma' by Tom Phillips.

Our current projects include doing a web installation of 'The Metaphysics of Notation' by Mark Applebaum.

In light of current events, we're exploring online performance practice and also doing youth outreach to choirs in Ireland.

If you're lurking in #rotterdam on thursday (2020-07-30) and into learning about #solarpunk #p2p #dweb #dat #hypercore then we're streaming for a few hours at #varia! See for more

Friends, Romans, Citizens - #SummerSchool is coming, and we are asking you to sign up for the panels you want to see

We will email you the day before to remind you of the panel that you signed up for, along with the link.

School is going to be in session. Come to class.

on a related note, if you have any scoops on:
* rad blogs
* weird internet
* cool forums
hmu πŸ–€

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New season identity for la Balsamine theater. 10 years of collaboration. Lucarne PeerTube. Pelican static site. Inkscape paths and Ume font forever. OSP.

The Twitter hack is the latest in a long line of failures of centralised platforms. Regardless, the decentralised community underestimates resilience of these platforms and remains dangerously unprepared for the wolves that howl at the door of our users.

"This is Fine": Optimism and Emergency in the Decentralised Network.

If you think the answer to a well paid big tech employee taking a bribe to compromise your account is to switch to a decentralised alternative,

I cant wait til you discover how easy it will be to bribe one of the thousands of volunteer admins running these decentralised alterantives.

In ecology, biodiversity is an important measure of ecosystem health.

Maybe we need to appreciate software, interface and network diversity as similar indicators of the health of our digital culture.

The Experimental Publishing () class of 2020 would like to invite you to the launch of our final publication, Collectiveioning. :thinknyan:

Collectiveioning is a that collects the work generated in our time at XPUB, from collective Special Issues in the first year (Special Issues 07, 08, 09), with threads that connect to the second year projects.

Date: , July 10th, 2020
Time: 19h-2030h CEST/UTC+2
Occasion: ULTIMATE Very Special Issue Indeed
Attire: Suit or Business Casual or Business or Come As You Are

XPUB Class of 2020:

Simon Browne πŸ“š
Bohye Woo πŸ“„
Paloma GarcΓ­a πŸ—ΊοΈ
Artemis Gryllaki ✊
Tancredi di Giovanni πŸŒ€
Pedro SΓ‘ Couto πŸ–¨οΈ
Biyi Wen πŸ“»
Rita Graça 🚨

The Collectiveioning launch is made possible with the support from Open Source Publishing, and lilimit.

Yesterday I described audio, so today I'll describe video! Video, and graphics more generally, is defined by the sheer quantity of data that needs to be generated 30, 60+ times a second.

Even with lossy compression, a feature film takes about a gigabyte of storage. Without it, it'd take 4 bytes per pixel * 1920px wide * 1080px tall * 30fps * 60 s/min * 90min ~= 1.3e12 = 130Gb, excluding audio!

Timing appears to be less vital than for audio.

So how do we get this size down somewhat?

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