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LGM 2020 - Praxeology – Teaching Design Foundations with FLOSS... By Brendan Howell

For example, a lot of cheap Chinese radios - like the Baofeng UV-5R - can tune to 460 MHz. That's where all the Chicago police and EMS radios operate. So you have to be really careful not to tune to 460.125 MHz and talk, or even worse just hold down the PTT!

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@celesteh BBB is free. It has no vendor lock-in potential (that's what IT managers love these days). It can be hosted on premise, which makes compliance with data protection laws easier. BBB can integrate with existing campus login systems like LDAP. It can easily be plugged into custom course-ware. There is a really great recording feature. It has a simultaneous video feature (great for film analysis and discussions).

🎨 πŸ“‘ I'll be giving a short talk at @lgm tomorrow about the first few months of my work on @cryptpad

2020_05_27 11.30 CEST

re: tech question debian 

@rra ip --oneline addr show primary | grep enp

tech question debian 

For a tutorial:

how does one tell people nowadays to query the IP-address on the ethernet port? Assuming there is only one.

It used to be that you could say:

$ sudo ifconfig eth0


$ sudo ip addr show eth0

but ever since the new 'predictable' interface names, the interface names are.. surprise surprise.. not predictable anymore. They are called something else on every system now. Any tips?

"Lost In A Garden Of Clouds" Β· Is a exhibition that extends the digital program of Of Whirlpools & Tornadoes Β· May 20-23 @servus_at

FRAUD (Audrey Samson and Francisco Gallardo), CΓ©sar Escudero Andaluz, Joana Moll, Marloes de Valk, Christina Gruber, Malte Steiner, Eva-Maria Lopez, Mathieu Zurstrassen, KairUs, Franz Xaver, Nikola Brabcova, Michal Klodner, Rihards Vitols, Simon Weckert and Heath Bunting.


Curated by Davide Bevilacqua.

Exhibition design by Sai Bao and Yang Mu.

@cblgh @entreprecariat Nice!

I also tried to make a poster. I'm still not 100% happy with it but maybe I'll see if I can finish it up tomorrow and get a few Risograph copies made:

dear does anyone know a tool that allows multiple users to control a desktop computer simultaneously? And by that I mean full multiplayer desktop environment, multiple cursors etc.

Something like VNC but.. multiplayer

i'd guess there is some way to do this with but can't find anything good...

also looking for something not a proprietary tech support software suite

which static site generator for a tech-intermediate - media artist who doesn't want another software in the way towards quick publishing of portfolio+blog+events+knowledge-base & media: audio/video/photo??

please advise in the replies
(+ please boost)

Looking to a very simple for my latest essay on decentralised culture, with an immediate start. I have a very clear brief, and the essay it will accompany will be published this month as part of the work produced by my organisation the New Design Congress. Please boost and DM me if you know of anyone.

Thank u fediverse ~~~~ πŸ’–

(ed note: previous toot was edited because of lazy terminology use referring to the fediverse)

We've scheduled a planning meeting for ActivityPub Conference 2020 next Saturday (5/16/20) at noon EST . We’ll be connecting via mumble at: and on irc in #apconf on freenode


3,999,999 accounts
+30 in the last hour
+2,028 in the last day
+20,228 in the last week

Small update! We start at 20:30!

Tonight in the LURK Echo Chamber , I will prepare your cognitive state of mind with relaxing feels so as to maximize the creation of new neural pathways under the guidance of @cmos4040


20:30-21:15 CEST: many relaxing feels

21:15-??? CEST: Italo hits live from burning hot wax therapy

webchat + webplayer:
OGG/Vorbis stream:

, the messenger now supports Audio/Video calls. so we've written a new article on the on how to set up server-side support:

Zoom acquired Keybase today.

Keybase helped me to identify a trend in the software industry: using a pretty UI to cover up the disruption of an open ecosystem with a closed, centralized replacement. Keybase seemed cool on the face of it - making encryption easier is a laudible goal, and PGP certainly could use the improvement. But, thanks to Keybase, now I ask different questions upfront.

Beware the Keybase formula:

1. Integrates with an existing, open ecosystem
2. May have open-source clients, but server is closed source and does not federate
3. Pretty UI and good marketing
4. VC funded

hi fedi!

us in the cabal club are spending the next 7 weeks creating a subjective moderation system for cabal: a volunteer-driven & open source p2p project for resilient chat. [1]

we think it's important to ground the implementation in lived experiences, hearing concerns, and just listening to other people a bit

we're looking for people to interview & prioritizing those who identify as trans and/or women. please dm me if you are interested

thank you!


@rra this project is something of a meme here in Hungary.
now i can find out the other side of the story.

the classic scene in question, for anyone interested:

Dear fedi-friends (with apologies for posting work things), my department is hiring a new (senior) lecturer with a focus in digital media (0.2 - 0.4 FTE). Here's the posting:

Re-tooting is appreciated!

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