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Sending more material to the vast electronic necropolis of contemporary

No theme, No poll, No Talking.

Just music, we survived another week of remote working, let's come together and enjoy the sounds emitting from .

Tomorrow starting an hour later at 21:00 CET, tune in

and let you own voice be heard in our chat/xmpp hangout

@KnowPresent just accidentally launched a terminal where I had set Fantasque Sans that you recommended a while ago. I wasn't so taken by it back then, but now I was really pleasantly surprised!

happy #MastoMonday!

The Mastodon Community Stimulus Redistribution fund just hit ✨ $20,000 ✨, and it's thanks to ALL OF YOU! I'm honored to stand among you all in solidarity. πŸ’œ

Can we raise EVEN MORE to help community members in need?! Only one way to find out:

if you are in need of financial help and want to receive part of these funds, here's a private two-question form:

New article on magazine is about Soviet cultivation of citrusfruit in cold environments. Without fossil fuels but by using landscaping, crop hardening and and pruning techniques.

Could be interesting for those into especially those into lowtech techniques

COVID contact tracing podcast 

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This government's propaganda-led response to this crisis is like a bad parody of Apple's "1984" ad.

COVID contact tracing 

Reminder: come join us tonight at for yet another mix from @cmos4040

More info:

I've added a small stream player in the chat, let's see how it works!

Thanks everyone for voting, even the cheaters with dormant .social accounts.

Let's get this show on the road, find a way to pump your mpv's, mplayer's and vlc's into an old boombox, dust of your old kangol hat and let's hit it.

To comfort the dissapointed I shall start the show with some truly weird 80s electro by the mysterious Danan Potts.

Tune into
and hang out and have a chat at.
Tomorrow 20:00 CET, standard time.

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I have been streaming every Friday night on and will probably keep doing this for as long as I have records and the time to pick and play them.

Its a comfy little stream with a few listeners, knowing who listens and what they enjoy makes picking songs more direct.

Since I have never ran a successful poll on here, I will try again.
Next Friday the Theme of the stream should be:

webp: Anybody using it for their work or projects? On the surface it sounds very interesting but I feel I'm completely lacking broader context to develop an informed opinion and that "one does not simply introduce a new image format" :) (licensing, implications on computing ecosystems at large etc., google's role and motivation here and so on) are there articles, essays, talks on this?

So Venezuelans apparently massively joining .social after several government figures got banned on twitter.

Maduro the first head of state on the fediverse?

Covid-19 Tech Safety Livestream 

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