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Anyone have any extra room on a floor in #Brussels on the 2nd or 3rd if I took the bus there to cetch some #Offdem or #CopyleftFest happenings?

:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:
Doing 2 #fediverse workshops today at #Transmediale with @rra, @320x200 and @lidia_p
We all have ideas for what is important to show off on the fediverse. And we will all share what makes it a special place to us.

I would really love to get more "crumbles" from you all to show or think about.

Do you have a special post you want random people to help answer?

Do you have art in a #PeerTube instance you want a bunch of strangers to comment on?

Call for participation is out: - Of Whirlpools and Tornadoes 20th - 23rd of May 2020
Festival locations: architekturforum oΓΆ, Stadtwerkstatt, KunstuniversitΓ€t Linz

Deadline: 24th of February 2020.

What #Pixelfed instances do you recommend?

What #Pleroma instances do you recommend?

What #WriteFreely instances do you recommend?

What #MissKey instances do you recommend?

What #Friendica instances do you recommend?

What other #fediverse software should be introduced to newcomers?

On-boarding folks to the fediverse this week with @rra, @320x200 and @lidia_p and need instance recommendations.

I have a few things I can focus on in #Samizdat once I report all the NodeJS-related bugs (and before they get fixed).

I am very tempted to finally write the IPFS/IPNS plugin (completely side-stepping Gun), or a dat:// plugin. But perhaps I should do some boring stuff from the Beta milestone?

So, a poll! What should I focus on in Samizdat?

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I like, just out of my mind:

- Calibre
- Zotero
- beet
- youtube-dl
- firefox (i love the screenshot feature)

what's yours?

Next week during @liaizon @lidia_p @320x200 and me are hosting a few workshops to introduce people to the fediverse.

"Welcome to the Federation" is a workshop and Q&A session for people new to or already part of the . We will cover concepts such as the server-client model; on-line federation; discussions of different servers and communities; and last but not least allow those new to the idea to sign up on the Fediverse. The workshops also deal with how to run or join a Fediverse community, the challenges of federated social networking, and the wider impact the Fediverse has on free software production and its culture. The workshops are meant to be informal and semi-structured to allow for different levels of engagement and experience from the participants, but will nonetheless offer a high level of understanding."

This weekend Varia is hosting two gatherings that are both the start of a series:

Feminist Hack Meetings (on Saturday)

An informal first gathering of a series of research meetings that aim to explore the suggestions, urgencies and potentials of feminist hack & tech initiatives.


Read & Repair feat. The Bootleg Library (on Sunday)

Come and make yourself comfortable, read the books you never find time to read, browse/exchange/acquire parts from our electronics depot or use the quietness of the day to repair things that need fixing.


A couple of months ago I tooted looking for a vector grid-based editor. Nothing came up so we (Manufactura Independente) set out to make one.

It still has a set of kinks, but it's usable to the point that we've been using it to make a few designs.

We plan to release it in Feb/Mar under a free software copyleft license (AGPL). It runs on the browser with no server-side logic and no tracking.

If you'd like to try the beta and tell us about your experience, that'd be fab! Just reply to this toot and we'll get in touch.

@entreprecariat teaching a course, that should in a perfect world, contain git I thought about this quite a bit.

In my opinion all students are different, so teaching them methods instead of tools makes more sense.
Trying to avoid any piece of software that has very litte use outside of the software itself

Git in this case can be used to teach a plethora of things.
Communitry driven projects, values of free software, distributed vs centralized version control, benefits of text based file formats.

If I could, I would change my maybe to a yes.

does it make sense to teach/use a git workflow within a graphic design course?

Thanks to @Thib support for URIs got merged into mastodon a few days ago. This should make linking to external discussion channels and moving a conversation to a E2E encrypted chat a bit easier on the fediverse:

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