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I believe this will add up, boosts appreciated.

I believe this will add up, boosts appreciated.

The first joint publication coming out of Varia - Networks of One's Own: three takes on taking care - is available online and can be consulted here:


With: @rra @decentral1se @manetta @ccl @entreprecariat @colm Yoana Buzova & Dennis de Bel

#36c3 #fediverse meetup?

If you are going to congress, do you want to meet #fediverse folks?

Please boost!

Making the device pattern unlock the cool s :blobsunglasses: *gets locked outbc I don't actually know how to draw it*

Attack On Titan Re-Readm, thoughts 

Testing an upcoming feature during the #Stockholm XMPP sprint: Leave a group chat on #Dino and #Conversations will leave as well, join a new group chat on Conversations and Dino will join too. The underlying protocol extension was also implemented by #Gajim and #prosody during the sprint. #XMPP

Sneak preview of the USB edition of Networks Of Ones Own: Three Takes on Taking Care ... which we will celebrate this Saturday in Varia :). Join us if you are around! (Gouwstr 3, Rotterdam - 19:30h,

This Saturday at Varia ( ) we present the outcomes of a big choral project: the second issue of of One's Own 鈥 a periodic para-nodal publication that is collectively written within a network.

More info:

Publication launch event in Rotterdam 

Getting a lot of reports of spam/follow bots on

馃摙 Ten Forward Moderation Announcement 馃摙

The following instance has been suspended from Ten Forward:

Reason - large amount of spam accounts originating from this instance without any sort of moderation action on their part apparent.

Sun Sep 22 17:11:39 UTC 2019


I have discovered a whole new youtube genre. General midi comparison videos.

Dune 2 intro MIDI music comparison

This poll is important to me, please help me out by listening and voting.

Did you know tomorrow is a Global Climate Strike?


preparing to uses third party js, so you can presumably access "striking" sites just fine by disabling javascript.

Currently researching how to do it at the web server level.

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