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...Inhalte auf Endgeräten unbescholtener Bürger:innen gescannt, bevor diese... verschlüsselt kommunizieren.


Heute 11. Mai 22
um 14 Uhr

vor der Vertretung der #EU-Kommission, Unter den Linden 78
in #Berlin-Mitte statt.

Die Kampagne „Chatkontrolle stoppen!“, an der sich unter anderem die Digitale Gesellschaft beteiligt, sammelt auch Spenden für Proteste und Infomaterial.

„Absolut inakzeptabel“: Erstmals #Straßenprotest gegen #Chatkontrolle angekündigt

Der CCC spricht von einer „fundamental fehlgeleiteten Technologie“, Bürgerrechtler nennen die #Chatkontrolle „absolut inakzeptabel“ und die Crème de la Crème von Kryptologen warnt vor Gefahren für IT-Sicherheit, Meinungsfreiheit und Demokratie:

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📢 If you're in and around Rotterdam in the end of the month, come by a workshop I am co-facilitating with friends from Varia on Sunday, May 29th.

📚 We'll be onboarding new users and discussing the ethical/technical setup of the DAAP (Digital Archive of Artists' Publishing) archive (

📌 Full details (incl. RSVP infos) in the link here:

💫 Feel free to spread the word!

@320x200 @antoinentl might go further than that even. The first edition has a tuto on the fireless cooker which could be this one:

@320x200 @antoinentl If it is anything in the direction of it could be ok? But it does look like a combi of a lifestyle + Make magazine (which was arguably a lifestyle Mag as well). Let us know what you learn!

Whoa, I just realized this means I could, in theory, create custom landing sites for every bot that is a little different. Like one could show a feed of past posts, one could only show the current post, one could show some content *based on* the latest posts, etc... hmmmmm

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| I'm on the Board of Movement Technology, a coop that provides tools and supports for both individual members (like me) and organizations that are members (e.g. Progressive Technology Project). We've been a bit challenged about how to deal with supporting folx shifting from depending on corporate tools like fbook to using libre tools instead. My own daughter is a member of Socialist Alternative and she tells me they have to use fbook because that's where the people are, and the floss tools are harder to use and not as feature rich. Now I on the other hand have stayed away from social media entirely, so I have no idea how to respond. So I decided to start here on lurk.

@renatolond @mistertim @darius

there is an ongoing issue on how to expose an instance's capability for local_only (the same as "max toot chars") that clients can query. If this is defined it would make it easier for things like the crossposter to know when a message is local-only.

@mistertim actually, it probably means the cross-poster doesn't have an understanding of local-only and because you give it access to your account it sees everything and retweets that...

I never made an here, it's time!

Currently a PhD student (officially in literature), I'm interested in publishing processes: lightweight markup languages, single source publishing, structuring, web technologies hacked for publishing and other stuff. The questions of technology use are at the core of my research, I try to share my readings and my watch here but most often directly on my website:

I write mostly in French, but I read and exchange in English :)

I'm on Mastodon since 2017 but I arrived on a few months ago, thanks to @lurk for the welcome!

Hi ! I'm @Lime and I made this account to post jungle/dnb/hardcore tracks made on Amiga to share my love for these genres and this platform !

Starting off with 'Too Fast' by Celsius ⚡⚡⚡⚡

A "hybrid" course at #CHI2022 in which the instructor and all registered (paying) attendees were remote. Someone was guarding the door to make sure nobody snuck in to watch the Zoom session being projected to the completely empty room.

@exquisitecorp It was a setting in the router itself that I came across and got intrigued by.

Our host is Lee, our audio engineer is Max, and our designer is Caleb.

We have episodes on topics such as art and activism, toolbuilding, speculative futures, language design, digital commons, performance tools, livecoding, alternative networks and much more. We also do mini episode interviews with creators of art tools.

All episodes can be listened to on our website, via RSS Feed, and found on all podcast platforms.

We have full transcripts of every episode and links to resources.

@exquisitecorp wifi in the house turns off at 10 to prevent zombiescrolling and always shut down computers. End of the week I close all tabs.

@tobbsn Agreed! An interesting corollary is that local-only, because it doesn't federate, creates a better case for a federation with more small providers?

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We are an instance for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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