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@wendy yeah, that is actuallually richly and nicely described in the book '1492' by the same author.

According to the wiki article on the little ice age the depopulation theory as a cause has two other mayor contributors before the columbian exchange: depopulation of Europe & Mid East because of the bubonic plage and the collapse of various civilizations after the mongol invasions.

One onders if massive reforestation and rewilding can help mitigate climate change. Seems like the only solid carbon capture technique there is.

In the book '1493' by Charles C. Mann it is argued that the 'little ice age', a period of exessively cold winters and summers during the 14th to 19th centuries which caused massive famines etc in the northern hemisphere, was partly of human origin. While it probably had multiple interacting causes, the extreme depopulation of the Americas, which came as a consequence of the Colombian Exchange and later colonization of the americas was apparently an accelerant. These events lead to a rewilding and reforestation which sequestered atmospheric carbon on such a scale that the co2 in the atmosphere sank. This created a global cooling, the reverse of global warming happening now.


Seeking CMS Advice 

I'm currently looking at trying to some smaller orgs off of the disposable php-cms treadmill. You know the story – some designer+nerd friend sets up some PHP with a dozen plugins and a fancy theme. Two years later the whole thing breaks and is impossible to upgrade. 3 years after that you just have to take it and the 300 posts it had down because somebody keeps trying to use it to send spam. It can be pretty sad.

Static sites have their foibles but for a small org they are very attractive in that they should mostly work for a decade or two and can even be tweaked by hand if you need to, even if the generating software rots to bits.

But I don't want to teach everyone git + Markdown + special tags etc.

So, I've been looking at some GUI front-ends for stuff like Hugo and other static site generators. Does anyone have experience with this kind of situation and setup?

What's the best umbrella term for tech that aims at a lower environmental impact (hardware, software and network traffic) and respects privacy?

@calcifer posted about this in December, resulting in an interesting thread. Now I'm writing about it and could use some help deciding on a single term :)

@l03s @urusan low tech is a tricky term because it stands in opposition to high-tech, but in a relative sense. Computing can be done in low-tech ways (less resource use, less complicated/problematic dependency and resource chains, simplicity in structure and operation, legibility of the process and consequences of use).

Low-tech doesn't refer to a specific technology in time but to a set of uses and practices. Thats how microchips can in fact be part of a low-tech approach.

Hello Fediverse! I’ve moved my account and am happy to join :)

so time for a re- i guess:

Hi, i’m Martin. I enjoy going on vague journeys through nature, cities, cyberspaces and everywhere in between. Along the way I collect all sorts of lost footage, fragments, broken images, scraps of content… and then reassemble them somehow into new scenarios. To have my own publishing space I maintain a small handwritten website with a messy backyard, guarded by a pixel cat, here: I’m easily fascinated by all space-universe-related things, cybernetic failures, the expanding fediverse and all kinds of printed-matter.

@jboy @l03s I guess IoT covers it, but there are also many IoT applications which are not resource constrained at all. Then again what is considered 'resource constrained' is also a shifting goal post.

Seeking CMS Advice 

@praxeology I tried the other day didnt like many of the defaults but really appreciated the ease of use

post.lurk was down because the disk was full (again) @320x200 brought it back up πŸ™

@l03s @jboy there is also 'resource constrained computing' as a field

Hello! I'm a 34-year-old mestizx from Borrado territory aka Monterrey, , but have been based in the East Midlands in the for over a decade. Writer and performer, into vocal loops. Interdisciplinary, intersectional, international. Living with


Increasingly into against and looking for alternatives.

I find it absolutely amazing how transparently companies like Lyft and Uber are using a cheap workforce without even basic employee rights in order to subsidize a loss-making business model that will attract enough investors for them to put all their money into driverless cars that will put the workforce out of jobs. That bill passing in California that locks in the non-employee status of these drivers is still one of the things on this earth that makes me most angry.

Along with a colleague, @dzulli , I'm conducting a survey of Mastodon developers, admins, and users. If you would, please take our survey:

We're focusing on "freedom of expression."

For more info on the survey, see


@latanun la cosa con el fediverso es que puedes seguir gente en cualcier servidor desde acqui. El reto es descubrir gente interesante a traves de todo el red.

Podria ser que es interessentante para ti, tambien tiene un enfoque por arte digital.

Te voy a mandar unos recursos sobre mastodon en un direct message

New blog post: "Products vs Protocols: What Signal got right"

This extended version of @mattj's recent #FOSDEM talk explores the thinking behind Snikket, and what #XMPP and #decentralized protocols can learn from #Signal's success.

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