ITT I slowly assemble a synth kit I received 11 years ago. Better late than never :eyeless_upsidedown:

@raphael Yeah the instance churn is worrying and a real downside. It has to do partly with the desire to federate with everything and thus making the instance difficult to manage technically and content-wise. That and the fact that people spin up a server because they are enthusiastic but don't have a good long-term plan. I wish I could recommend you another instance but I can't atm..

@praxeology I haven't used anything yet to be honest! They are just sanded and ok for now?

But the wax & linseed combo sounds good. What does it look like?

Yes, the linseed oil and spontaneous combustion I am aware of from previous projects :)

@praxeology @liaizon ahh this explains so much! I'm also going to look into it then!

There's a very nice merge request from jetomit for adding support for the Kobo Clara HD ereader in @postmarketOS

Here's it running a mainline kernel with some patches with #sxmo

on similar note, if anyone in needs (or know somebody that needs) a graphic designer/web designer/amateur programmer/bike mechanic/??? then I'm in the market for a job πŸ‘€

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I will be talking tomorrow at 6pm CEST about data colonialism, and how data extraction affects commonality in and outside of technological practice.

Approximately how often do you check the federated timeline?

@pixouls @rozina oh wait, I confuse it with gemini! For tildeverse perhaps @l03s know..

I occasionally mean to come here but by way of an over-caffeinated typing error, I end up at the wikipedia page for this other charming instrument for tooting:

@rozina as for tildeverse, I think @pixouls might know where to get started

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