poetry/games mini commission opportunity:

Playing Poetry and Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre are launching a co-commission for two makers to collaborate on a new piece of game-based poetic work. We are looking for poets, artists and game-makers with an interest in crossing genre, form and format. We are open to all forms of poetic and ludic creation.

Β£1k fee, deadline 17th Oct


on topic of wikipedia edits, this is a really long article about tim o'reilly that came up in reference to o'reilly editing a wikipedia article and then espousing the view that he edited in https://thebaffler.com/salvos/the-meme-hustler

summary: o'reilly has pivoted from selling books and conferences to selling ideologies, using books and conferences as justification. examples include spinning "web 2.0" as a natural evolution of web instead of a power grab, writing books about it and in effect memeing the idea

Is there any good research that explores the interactions between culture, fandom and internet culture?


Next Tuesday @ Varia πŸ˜ƒ

Booklaunch: Volumetric Regimes
4 October 20:00 - 22:00 @ Varia, Rotterdam (NL)

"Volumetric Regimes makes an essential contribution to the ways in which we must rethink matter politically and ecologically. As the book unfolds, ontological questions of intensities, dimensions, and substance are denaturalised as mere properties of matter that can be measured, modified, and thus computed" β€” Susan Schuppli


@manetta @crickxson @Crittercompiler

Peertube V.S. HTML player 

@raphael @despens oh nice to know! We should make a list of friends-adjacent art related peertubes.. you know, to opportunistically federate :p

Peertube V.S. HTML player 

@raphael @despens peertube's opportunistic federation model however presents a big downside.

You have to be careful where you upload or if you host your own instance, who you federate with. Before you know it, your video is displayed along with conspiracy stuff, porn etc. This can also affect people finding your video through a search engine and landing on a badly moderated mirror.

If you disable instances following you this helps a lot, but that is only possible if you host your own.

Why yes, I *am* trying to test "the mighty morphin' power ranger thesis of the fediverse."

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Is there any good research that explores the interactions between culture, fandom and internet culture?


Publishing Partyline, Broadcast #3: web-to-print in education, with Julien Bidoret & Quentin Juhel

In the third broadcast we will talk with Julien Bidoret (accentgrave.net/) and Quentin Juhel (juhel-quentin.fr/) about web-to-print in education. Tune in as we hear how web-to-print tools got introduced as the required submission format of student theses at Γ‰SAD PyrΓ©nΓ©es (ateliers.esad-pyrenees.fr/web/).

Date: Wednesday, October 5th, 2022
Time: 18:00-19:00 CEST
Broadcast URL: stream.vvvvvvaria.org/

a must-attend event! this Saturday (22-10-1) I will perform some really good texts with my Gesturewriter ("the theremin typewriter") in Den Haag. this time with even more letters!
πŸ–– :nes_fire: ⌨️

Tune in!


Varia is mirroring
Sonic Liberation Front: In Solidarity with Iran and Kurdistan

"Taking Over Radio Stations Around the Globe Thursday 29th & Friday 30th of September 1:30pm to 3:30am (Tehran) | 12pm to 2am (Bethlehem) | 10am to 12am (London) All Iranian Female/Non-binary Line Up

Iranian and Kurdish history in the past hundred years is a story of resistance against violence and oppression. Most recently, on 16 September, the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mahsa (Jina) Amini, ignited a nationwide uprising in Iran. / was detained and beaten up by the morality police for wearing her hijab in an "inappropriate" way and died in custody. Since then Kurds and Iranians, particularly women, have been on the streets shouting "Women, Life, Freedom" demanding a free country, a fair government and the abolition of compulsory hijab. The Iranian government is violently attacking and arresting the protesters and has shut down the internet to limit communications.

We are standing by the people of Iran and Kurdistan who are risking their lives for freedom."

Very excited to announce:

πŸ’₯hydra microgrants πŸ’₯
funding for community projects involving hydra video synth

πŸ’₯Apply by November 7th!! πŸ’₯hydra.ojack.xyz/grants/

πŸ’₯ organised by @hellocatfood
and @ojack , w/ guest judge Monrhea Carter

rules = {
'a': [[1,-1,'b'], [1,-1,'b']],
'b': [[1,+1,'b'], [0,+0,'a']],
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