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This Sunday I'll be performing again "Etudes pour le livecoding a une main" at WORM!

technical death metal generated by neural network and streamed 24/7
it can do vocals and riffs that are physically impossible for humans
but it must do them endlessly forever

The thing I like least about infosec discourse is the corrosive way cynicism and individualism combine to make the internet a low-trust society instead of finding collective solutions to common problems. It's as every mugging was followed by endless hot takes about what kind of running shoes the victim should have worn.

I'm not a very advanced #Arch #Linux user (I'm on #Manjaro at the moment actially) so when #AUR has no build for me I'm sometimes stuck.

AUR currently has no build recipe for pdfshuffler, but luckily, I found a revival fork called PDF Arranger

PDF Arranger works great, as far as I can see it has all of the PDFshuffler functions and is planning many more, possibly a Windows package, which I know would be very very appreciated.


do you have some recommandations about care/reproductive work and servers/system administration ?

vous auriez des recommandations autre des relations entre care/travail reproducteur et l'administration système/les servers ?

:www_server: πŸ’—

@air_pump @entreprecariat @320x200 I remember searching for it but I am not sure it exists. The bot must henceforth also replace words containing an X with the appropriate synonym!

Hello fediverse, I’m a web developer interested in p2p and queer networks of all kinds 🌸

For the worksession called Networks with an attitude in Antwerpen, by and so much more, we only used the train, and a to transport electric cables, camera, projector, coffeemaker, kettle, thermoses, paper, pens.. With every change in venue, a trolley distribution was done amongst the participants.
The last transport back was done today!

@paul hmm so maybe my problem of audio starting to play randomly has a similar cause

Tomorrow, 14.04.19, in at 's open day, you can come and play the latest (unreleased) build of What Remains on real hardware! (an RGB modded to be precise)

Just a straw poll of interest here.

If we did a W3C workshop on federation and ActivityPub, would you want to attend? Is it something you'd be willing to travel for?

Work in progress on the risoprint poster. All made with open source software. Also if you are in Arnhem on the 20th of april you're formally invited to Syntax v7

@agnez who is also involved in (new website coming up) a ethical hosting cooperative

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