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Book-burning, concentration camps, cult of the strong leader, you know where this train terminates. https://twitter.com/gerryshih/status/1203518725921460225

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Things im doing with friends (mostly in ):

protocol based on to run events ~ github.com/p2panda/design-docu

related gathering / concert space, come to our first session on 07/12 ~ badbadnotbad.ai 😀

ఽ Running blatt3000.de and liebechaos.org, both associations dealing with and alternative forms of

ఽ Releasing on hyperdelia.com and on y-e-s.org

ఽ Playing ~ soundcloud.com/andreasdzialoch

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Decolonization, Capitalism, Video Games 

@neauoire I just read 'History and Future of FLOSS' by @audrey and the non-discriminatory nature of FLOSS is most certainly part of it:

@320x200 and I also have a forthcoming text that goes into this, specifically in relation to fedi

So @audrey made a link roundup https://lifeofaudrey.com/2019/11/24/links-floss-ethics.html on #FLOSS and ethics: "pieces I’ve been reading on the topic of modern free and open source software practices, licensing, and ethical concerns."

#freesoftware #opensource

Thank you, Audrey!

Also: in early 2016 I rounded up posts about structural imbalances in funding and use of FLOSS: https://www.harihareswara.net/sumana/2016/01/26/0

@felix @alcinnz Do you have more info on this? I think it is more the issue of the RSS clients pulling things anyway but I might be overlooking something. Also it is not necessarily that we have increased load, just that we have unnecessary data transmission and we want to minimize that. The RSS/Atom feed is just a static file XML file as well.

@royniang the newsletter use case is different from the mailing list. In a mailing list everyone's response gets fwded to all subscribers.

@alcinnz Thanks for boosting! Even if we fix RSS we'd still be interested in a newsletter service because currently LTM uses feedburner for historical reasons and they want to switch. I'd much rather have those funds go towards such an association than to mailchimp or something like that..

@alcinnz We added the full articles since it provides a nice form of 'off-line' reading.. I'd like to not sacrifice that..

It seems however that most feed readers ignore the HTTP last-modified header. So we might have to provide only summaries eventually.

@alcinnz <10% of our visitors using ~80% of our data. Automated feed readers pull our full feed every hour or so.

Anyone knows of a EU based association or something that provides a newsletters-like mailing service but that doesnt do tracking etc? Asking for solar.lowtechmagazine.com We need to find an alternative to RSS/Atom.

Boosts appreciated

¡Gentes del Fediverso, necesito vuestra ayuda!

¿Conocéis proyectos de soberanía tecnológica, implementación de software libre ... en América Latina que provengan de los movimientos sociales?

Es para ver cómo se han llevado a cabo y si las estrategias pueden usarse en otros lugares.

Gracias, amores.

Less than 24 hours left to provide your feedback on the EU guidelines for #RouterFreedom! #BEREC is running a #PublicConsultation defining whether your router will belong to you or to your ISP. Please participate now, it's as easy as sending an email!

See how to make yourself heard, and the #FSFE's response on the current draft: https://fsfe.org/news/2019/news-20191120-01.html

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