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PSA: Back up your account!

Back Up Your: follow lists, block lists, toots, etc.

It's not that I think my admins are suddenly going to pull a WT, but things can happen. Servers can catch fire for example.
You have peace of mind this way. I back mine up quarterly.

You can only request an archive of your toots/media every 7 days, and it takes a bit to get a copy of your shit posts emailed to you.

If something happened, it's nice to not have to start over again.

#Joinmastodon.org is nu ook in het #Nederlands vertaald!

Zit nog één miniem foutje in (PR staat klaar), de volgorde van de talen staan niet op ISO-volgorde (PR staat klaar), een bug die voor elke taal geldt (Sign up-sectie wordt niet vertaald weergegeven) (bug gerapporteerd) en vertalingen worden niet automatisch gedetecteerd en geladen (feature request submitted).

Met dank aan:

en natuurlijk @rra !

Oh ja, en ik heb zelf nog een beetje meegeholpen. 😜

P.S. Nederlandse vertaling voor Mastodon 2.7 is nu up-to-date (coming soon 😉 .

boost this toot and ill choose a monster from the 1st edition monster manual that i think exemplifies you

After three years of (semi) regular existence, it is now high-time that the Pervasive Labour Union zine takes a very close look at the universe of the alternatives to corporate social networks.

What do these alternatives look like? What are the requirements of a 'true' alternative?
The Pervasive Labour Union zine already broached some of these topics on its Special Issue with the Homebrew Server Club on XMPP. To follow the HBSC’s strategy, a premium should be put on alternative approaches, not on any specific alternative apps.
We need federated social networking solutions based on open standards that are able to communicate among themselves, regardless of the platform being used.

Which protocols can and are being developed to achieve interoperability between the different alternatives? How do scale and trust influence the field? What are the forces at play within this realm and how to engage with them?
With this issue, we propose not only to collect a field guide of sorts, but also to open up the discussion on the alternatives and how to tackle the challenges posed by network effects, scalability and financial viability.

DEADLINE: February 5th

Submit to: lidia@majesticmoo.se, lidia.pmr@gmail.com or nikos.vv@gmail.com

hey @daviddurat specifically on sustainable and low energy there I am not so aware of examples. There is a whole culture of 'minimal computing' 'minimal hosting' though.

I have to think of Maxigas' work: web.archive.org/web/2015032701

Then there is the minimal computing group: go-dh.github.io/mincomp/about/

Specifically on webdesign I think:
motherfuckingwebsite.com/ and bettermotherfuckingwebsite.com are good references :)

Issue to support URI in the mastodon web interface:


Please voice your support on the issue tracker if you use XMPP

Inspired by @ButterflyOfFire


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Does anyone know any good software for monitoring servers from the outside?

I'm looking to be notified about problems with ping, DNS, http etc via say email or IM (unfortunately we use Telegram rn).

Kudos if it's so easy to deploy and maintain as capacity hella low.

#foss #floss #libre #freesoftware

"You don’t fix burnout by going on vacation. You don’t fix it through “life hacks,” like inbox zero, or by using a meditation app for five minutes in the morning, or doing Sunday meal prep for the entire family, or starting a bullet journal. You don’t fix it by reading a book on how to “unfu*k yourself.” You don’t fix it with vacation, or an adult coloring book, or “anxiety baking,” or the Pomodoro Technique, or overnight fucking oats." buzzfeednews.com/article/anneh

@nescivi @wendy So nescivi do you live in a simular situation? To me it seems really hard to kickstart such a process. Especially considering NL housing prices of the last few years.

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