Solidarity with the thousands of #ExtinctionRebellion activists who are now occupying five bridges -- Lambeth, Westminster, Blackfriars, Southwark, and Waterloo -- in central London, UK to demand action against #climatebreakdown! #ExtinctionRebellion

I thought was just ugly git frontend but it's actually pretty impressive, so check it out

Oh. So, #Mastodon "direct messages" are public on any other #ActivityPub network (at least, Osada, Friendica). :think_bread: I should stop comparing them to macroblogging Fediverse "limited" posts then. Those are not public, normally.

@61 @infosechandbook A lot of client developers in make money by selling licenses for whitelabled versions (your own company logo/name) of their applications. These are purpose built around non-federated corporate networks.

In the process these companies also tend to pay for additional features that make it into the floss versions.

So in that sense I wouldn't be to worried about the closed server component (don't use the service if you dislike it, I know I won't).

What I'd be more worried about is how to take Daniel up on his intention of quicksy as the 'gateway drug' to federated libre networks.

This would require easy subscriptions on other servers and the easy migration of accounts, including contacts and a system of forwarding from the old account to the new. This is where we should put our attention on.

@paul Finding out I can't make calls either.. It will connect but no audio.. I've downgraded back to 14..

Once I have some more time I might do a clean install of 15 (so not from upgrade) to see if that alleviates the issues..

"Millenials! Urgh. They come in here and act like they rent the place."

Come cycle with us tommorrow:

Friday 16/11 16:00 Bike party!
Defend free spaces! All Cars Are Bastards!
16:00u vondelpark, amstelveensewegside

@320x200 @colm It is in the build qeue so it will appear in fdroid in a few days.

@entreprecariat what up with all this hellenic retorikos lately? ;) what book are you reading?

@paul so I recently 'upgraded my opo2' to 15.1 again but I still get issues with the modem. I often don't have data connectivity and it keeps looking for networks and thereby draining the battery. You don't get these issues? I'm on 13/11 nightly image now btw.

what if a company scrapped all your CC music and start to sell it on the big platforms, registering it with content ID and all , impersonating you before you had the chance to register your work ?
And what if someone else, or a Bot did it through one company or another without the express knowledge of that company but without verification neither ?

well it could be real : some artist is pointing at for infringing on his work on YT

#Art11 is so dangerous

@darius Great!

you'd first have to make an account on a server in the federation.

You can do so via:

This is an xmpp webclient so it should be cross platform.

Here is a list of servers with public registration:

once you're logged in, where it says groupchats on the left, press the + to add a new groupchat.

For the groupchat address use:

I'll also be keeping an eye out on:

@darius we'll start at 19.30 amsterdam time and be there untill 22/23:00

hey @darius we have a channel on the xmpp network at and we use this pad to keep notes/chat :

if you'd be interested we could open a during the meeting?


Vous connaissez et utilisez certains services procurรฉs par #Framasoft et vous les recommandez autour de vous, merci !

mais les connaissez-vous vraiment tous ?

une page pour tous les services

La maintenance et la pรฉrennitรฉ de ces services ne sont pas gratuites, et @Framasoft fonctionne presque exclusivement avec vos dons, dรฉductibles ร  66 % de vos impรดts ;-)

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