Found a rusty and bent pair of shears at the second hand shop.

After straightening them, I put the shears in vinegar to remove the worst rust. Then worked them with rotating steelwire brush on dremel to remove deep & fine rust, oiled them and finally sharpened them.

The stamp reads WΓΌrpel & Bronner, which according to [1] was founded 1865 in Germany and since 1910 no longer appears in the records, so that dates them roughly.


Nice python utility I found the other day:

It is a generic tile scraper & stitcher. Use it by by passing the URL pattern of a tile server together with some coordinates and the rest follows automagically.

Attached are maps of , and the Renaissance star fortress town of .

The trickiest thing is finding out how big a map you can make at what zoom level, I keep running out of RAM when compositing.

A few weeks ago we published a follow-up article about the project: "How sustainable is a solar powered website?"

The article is a very extensive research into the embedded energy costs of this setup and how to lower that. Additionally we have some statistics on visitors (865k unique), energy use (18.1 KWh) and uptime (98.2%) after more than a year of operation and what conclusions to draw from that.

There is quite some overcapacity in the system, so to increase our efficiency one approach would be to host multiple servers on that off-grid solar system. But that is scaling up. Instead the solution we opted for is seeing how we can do the same with smaller batteries, smaller solar panel and hosting more sites on the same machine. To that end we've started migrating , and language sites to the solar server as well.

Anyway here is the whole thing with all the details!

Call for participants: Collective Conditions 

"Collective Conditions is a worksession which experiments with the generative potential of of , complaints procedures, bug reports and copyleft licenses. We understand these socio-technical as and and are curious about the role they can play in the (different) imagination of complex collectivities.

By ’complex ’ we mean, for example, non-normative human , or collectives where participants with radically different needs, backgrounds and come together. ’Complex collectivity’ can be self-chosen, or be the result of structural forces such as laws, racism, technology, wars, austerity, queerphobia and ecological conditions.


The worksession is inspired by trans*feminist collective practices, anti-harassment and allyship-work, non-violent communication, score-making, and , but also by ways of doing developed within Free Culture and Free, Libre and Open Source software. Collective Conditions focuses on a-polarizing methods, habits that can stretch and reorient frameworks, that represent new vocabulary, gestures and forms of expression[...]"

don't you just love it when you want to launch 'firefox' in dmenu and accidentally keep launching 'fire' by David Bucciarelli?

I still need to find out why this is packaged in distros like Debian, Manjaro, Ubuntu.

High densities of visible fibre optic wire as part of the street level network of . While many of the connections have now been buried underground, the cable junctions are still visible in some neighbourhoods.

Did you know it's possible to pin multiple tags in the Mastodon interface? Handy way to follow from a distance..

This saturday 24/05/19 is another Presentation Day event in in from 10:00 to 16:00

You can drop by if you are curious about free software, linux or if you need installing a new operating system on your laptop.

More info:

Communication is in
Dutch but most of the volunteers also speak

A tenant consultation and introduction session at Varia by the Bond Precaire Woonvormen on the 6th of May between 15:00 and 20:00.

BPW is a movement organised by volunteers who support each other based on the conviction that housing is a fundamental right that must be protected.

Please feel welcome to join us for a day of discussion, co-learning and reflection on the situation in , our rights as tenants and how we can support each other to work towards solutions for more safe, secure and affordable housing.

More info:

CFP Hack the Earth, Calafou 

"Hack the Earth 2019 > - Communities to change everything

19/22 April in , Vallbona d'Anoia

This HTE is an invitation to face a world that seems to go from bad to worse, where the options, imaginaries and futures that they propose to us oscillate more and more between cynicism and dystopia. We propose to build our collective desires and needs from the futurotopias we need. Futurotopias that allow the circulation of ideas, fabulations and dreams.

Speculative practices and imaginaries, and practices, joyful actions and radical tenderness.

It's not just about projecting ourselves into the futures we want, but about rescuing what already happened in the past and putting the magnifying glass on everything that is developing in our present, it's about stopping the future of shit that suffocates us and putting in the center the communities that are already changing everything, spinning futures here and now. This HTE proposes to rediscover and re-invent our margins for manoeuvre, highlighting projects, networks and communities that are already changing everything around them.


Because the sum of our degrees of happiness is an indicator of our revolutionary potential. See you in Hack the Earth 2019 "

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