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We testing self-hosted live streaming using on tv.lumbung.space, and on this occasion we want to invite you again to participate watching today's :
lumbung calling: Regeneration
Saturday, October 2 , 2021
2.30 pm (CET), 3.30 pm (IDT), 6.30 pm (KGT), 7.30 pm (WIB).

About the programme:

"The seventh edition of lumbung calling focuses on . Within the framework of documenta fifteen, regeneration is explored as a way of living and organizing oneself and communities in opposition to extractive practices. This approach also includes generating time and space for mutual support and reflection. It centers careβ€”often made invisibleβ€”as a vital part of political activism, enabling the incorporation of many viewpoints within a larger ecosystem."

You can watch it here:

To better understand everyone's viewing experience, we appreciate your feedback.Therefore, kindly take a moment to fill in this response form!
docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI (I know)

Ahh this is why people always fail to find the Login button on interfaces I design. I've been doing it the wrong way all along!

Urban Fish Ponds: Low-tech Sewage Treatment for Towns and Cities

'In the mid 20th century, whole cities’ sewage systems safely and successfully used fish to treat and purify their water. Waste-fed fish ponds are a low-tech, cheap, and sustainable alternative to deal with our own shit β€” and to obtain high protein food in the process. '


so, a degrowth society is one where everbody gets to eat tilapia multiple times a week?

The Evergreen canal blockage has really resulted in fantastic footage and some good memes. But I just really don't feel the tiny shovel vs giant ship type of meme? Not really working visually?

Steal his look is pretty good though..

'The website's visual language was informed by pared-back early websites but was chosen to be energy efficiency as opposed to following graphic design trends.'

indoor gardening advice wanted 

I'm planning my on a small south-facing glassed balcony, essentially a greenhouse. It will likely get a dry and arid climate during summer so I'm looking at low maintenance irrigation techniques. Anyone have experience with buried clay pots or ollas?

(image from Gardening With Less Water by David Bainbridge)

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The article has been super popular and it seems using old machines for a very long time is a quite common practice but one that people also feel insecure about. A cursory reading of comments across the web tells me that part of the attraction to the article (or at least to commenting on it) is the recognition or validation of other people doing the same.

Here's an interesting statistic from the web logs: 10% (~7k unique visitors) of all traffic to the article has used a machine with OS X 10.1 Puma. That is an OS from 2002. I believe that is the last generation of computers, but I might be mistaken. It seems to good to be true though but I can't really think of a reason why this number would be wrong..

Massive use of user agent switching should lead to way more even distribution of other uncommon OSes as well? Does anyone know what could be up?


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I proceeded off the old whitish and worn laquer with 60grit paper. This really made the dark grain stand out of the light wood which I liked quite a lot. They also became really matte which also improved the look. After that I followed up with a round of 120 grit to get rid of the sanding marks and finally did a 240 grit on the areas most likely to be touched. I used a sander for the rough work and did the finer grids by hand.

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First step was to redo the . It was the first time I did that. Found a nice fabric, watched some YT tutorials and got started together with my partner. Doing it was waaaay easier than imagined, four hands and a stapler go a long way. We finished all four seats in a few hours. This was already an improvement. The fabric is funny because the colours come out differently in every photo.

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Needed chairs for in the kitchen and found these high quality but worn pine chairs in a thrift store. Not entirely my aesthetic but whatever. It felt like it could become a nice restoration project and the chairs would probably turn out more appealing.

varia.zone got nominated for the 'Best Venue' audience award of the 2020 .

So if you've enjoyed the things we've done at , either in-person or remotely please help us with your vote:
popunie.nl/awards2020/ (it is the yellow section midway down that says 'Beste Podium')

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