Someone is sending raw print commands to open network printers on port 9001 which inform people about (via

Reminds me of this crap weev pulled a couple of years back sending nazi propaganda to open printers on universities etc (

The medium isn't the message, the message is the message.

@rra it’s kind of a brilliant way to get a message out within a relatively closed system. It makes me want to make art with it.

@emenel @rra Hmm this is pretty interesting. Gives me ideas for some kind of "print-ring" where people send around unsolicited missives among a small group of networked receipt printers.

@praxeology @emenel @rra There is something called the i-telex network ( a telex network over the internet

However last week my magnetic wires arrived! my plan for the next months is to reactivate the real-reel-to-reel-network(, but this time I will use wires instead of tape. I think the wires that were used for magnetic recording are more stable! tape loops break very easy! And as terminals I will use some (screenless 😀 ) typewriters or if I can find old telewriters. I still belive Flusser was right when he wrote that ring topologies are an elegant form of communication!

@joak @praxeology @rra this is lovely. i’ve been thinking a lot about closed networks, or closed-off sections of networks… or physical networks…

@joak @emenel @rra Wow that sounds amazing. The Tape Loop version is already beautiful.

I have an old IBM Wheelwriter that I've been waiting to hack. If you want to have a node here in Berlin, I'd be happy to connect.

@praxeology @emenel @rra great! the operation speed of the loop network was 17cm/sec. Vienna - Berlin is ~550km. if my calculation is correct it would take ~37.5 days to send a message!
currently I have 400 meters of the magnetic wire. I will try to get more :D

@joak 400m is impressive. Token passing topologies are well suited to bridging. Some of the early internet exchange points like MAE-East¹ used FDDI and since they quickly ran out of rack space in the garage, they often used a 1 or 2U bridge to connect a remote router.

Your LAN could have a bridge to the wire that could send and receive with QR codes on postcards or something.



The only thing about this is.. does /r/antiwork actually have any organization resources and information or is it just about the memes?

@rra I appreciate the spirit, but the message’s implication that it’s the workers’ fault wages are low for working for low wages kind of seems messed up.

@metkis @rra Definitely some poor wording on that bit, but I think the sentiment is true: so long as people will accept jobs at poverty wages there will be companies exploiting them. It's not the workers responsibility to demand fair wages (their duty perhaps), but in lieu of regulation it can sometimes be the only possible action. In the U.S., when I was working for poverty wages that often felt like the only course of action.

@metkis @rra And yet that's why people organize in unions, so that they can take action as a collective rather than blaming individuals for their choices.

@rra wait, are you saying that TECHNOLOGY CAN BE NEUTRAL???? :unacceptable:

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