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We testing self-hosted live streaming using on, and on this occasion we want to invite you again to participate watching today's :
lumbung calling: Regeneration
Saturday, October 2 , 2021
2.30 pm (CET), 3.30 pm (IDT), 6.30 pm (KGT), 7.30 pm (WIB).

About the programme:

"The seventh edition of lumbung calling focuses on . Within the framework of documenta fifteen, regeneration is explored as a way of living and organizing oneself and communities in opposition to extractive practices. This approach also includes generating time and space for mutual support and reflection. It centers care—often made invisible—as a vital part of political activism, enabling the incorporation of many viewpoints within a larger ecosystem."

You can watch it here:

To better understand everyone's viewing experience, we appreciate your feedback.Therefore, kindly take a moment to fill in this response form! (I know)

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The company in charge of the stream suffered a crash and are now streaming to this link instead:

@rra Have you seen this nice system?
@munshkr made it for long-running online streams where people get automatically emailed their stream key, and the system switches between streaming the keys at the right time. Based on django + nginx/rtmp.

@yaxu @munshkr I hadn't! This could be very helpful for particular situations. Have you used it for toplap events?

@rra @munshkr yes multi day events with two or three performances per hour, works really well

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