lumbung calling: Generosity livestream

The fourth lumbung calling focuses on the lumbung value of Generosity. Spanning material and emotional realms, generosity, or the willingness to give, is vital in any ecosystem-building processes. It also poses a firm challenge against competition, rivalry, and rarity—capitalist values that define contemporary life. In lumbung, generosity in imagining possibilities based on networking and collaboration abounds. It recognizes that knowledge is diverse, that it cannot be owned or claimed. Time and attention are inexhaustible resources in lumbung and thus should be generously shared in building more integrated ecosystems.

Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh, artist
Mamou Daffé, social innovator and founder of Festival sur le Niger

Jumana Emil Abboud, Artist
Mirwan Andan, Member of the Artistic Direction of documenta fifteen

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Thanks for sharing! I couldn't find this stream elsewhere. When I open the link with my phone it doesn't work. Will try from laptop.

@anglk The stream ended yesterday after two hours! But you can follow @lumbung_calling because that is where the recording will land!

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