Why did I think 'pacman -Syu' as a way to 'start the week fresh' was even remotely a good idea.

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In a couple of hours I'm going to do that to a computer that wasn't used for a year... It's gonna be fun!

@rra Ouch. I'm not even updating to the latest NixOS release until I have all my work for this semester done, and there I can at least roll back.

@rra did you murder your install? I am scared to update anything on mine it’s been a few months

@liaizon never wait that long, always expect problems, know how to boot from the live iso to use chroot. @rra

@utzer @rra well I don’t remember how to boot from the live iso and don’t know how to use chroot so I guess I’ll have to learn the hard way

@liaizon it is well documented in thw Arch wiki, but really you should do updates more frequently, it is basic safet need. @rra

@liaizon no not at all, but it took more time than was nice

@liaizon glad you asked, I was also worried now :D (although I do update regularly, but in my current project wrecking my desktop would stress me out big time haha) @rra

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