Hi Fediverse, do you have a clue about controlling a GSM modem with Python?

What we're looking for:
- make automated phone calls and play some audio
- keep it free and private, so no Twilio or other SDKs
- a dongle or USB modem would be nicer than Arduino/RPi with modules, but those are ok if there's no alternative

Wondering if there's prior art around here?

@rlafuente The old Nokias used a serial port with standard AT commands (like in old modems). It was pretty limited but you could originate and receive calls and SMS. You could get a USB adapter to do the call control and hack an audio output into the headset jack. Several telematic installations from the 00's used tricks like this.

Not sure if that is easier than getting one of these:

@praxeology Oh cool, thanks so much for this!

I'll be on the lookout for secondhand nokias, but I see I should just go the Arduino route since that's what people are using today.

But I'll hold out for a bit in hopes that I can source a USB-GSM interface locally today, fingers crossed


@rlafuente @praxeology douze points if you go the hacked nokia route..

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